Cricket Show 160 Fast Bowling and the Batting Simulator | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Cricket Show 160 Fast Bowling and the Batting Simulator

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The team discuss the implications of the PitchVision CRC Batting Simulator this week. Burners talks us through who can use the technology from fun to functional and Mark Garaway takes the coaches’ perspective.

The rest of the show is focused on fast bowling with questions on mental strength and correcting a bowler who bowls off the wrong foot (or not). This week’s Tailender also has a shocking revelation about a current England International bowler: not to be missed!


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Hi. I am a fast bowler, but I have a bad style that I am starting to sort out. It involves skipping, then taking a massive step with my left leg. This gives me pace and good accuracy, but I keep getting injured. I have pulled my hamstring, which is fine now, but recently I gradually started feeling pain in my left kee towards the end of the game. Nothing really happened, though; I just started noticing it.

About a week on, the injury is fine to walk and run on, but kicking a ball, supporting my weight on bent legs and bowling hurt my knee. It hasn't really improved, but I keep twinging it.

I am wearing a knee support when I play sport, but do you have any other ways to speed up the healing process and strenghten my knee? However, I do seem to have weak knees. I have twisted my knee skiing, playing football and running. Plaese help:) Smiling :) Smiling Eye-wink :0