World Twenty20 Lessons: How to Bowl and Field in Wet Conditions

Do you recognise this?

Bowlers have bowling with soaking wet balls, drying the ball on a towel kept in the back your trousers and fielders throwing the ball sideways as the ball slips out of their hands. Anyone who has played club cricket will know all about these kinds of challenge.

Get on with it: Outdoor Cricket Training in the Cold and Wet is Possible

Weather often keeps us training indoors, but why not think outside the box this year, or perhaps more aptly, think outside the sports hall?

There's still a lot that can be achieved from getting out, even in the wet.

Turbo Boost Net Practice with Iain Brunnschweiler

If your nets have got a bit dull and lifeless, you need to fit a turbo boost, courtesy of England Performance Programme Coach, Iain Brunnschweiler.

Right now "Brunchy" is realising a 6 week series of coaching sessions that anyone can take to nets to make the sessions fun, exciting sessions that will lead to better cricket from you and your team.

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Cricket Training Ideas: Baseball Mitts

It's rare to see a coach these days without a fielding bat and a baseball catching mitt in the kitbag. But the mitt is a tool that can be used by all players.

I can hear people saying, "Hang on, mitts are cheating. Why would a player want one?"

The answer is simple: to improve your throwing.

3 Reasons Indian Cricket Proves Fielding is the New Match-Winning Skill Set

In the Champions Trophy, India out-fielded South Africa to victory.

It wasn't the only reason for the win, but it was enough for the sages to comment on the difference. What was going on?

There is a lot of talk about fielding. It's never got more attention from coaches and players than in modern times.

But does it really win you matches?

Preseason Panic: Your Break Glass in Emergency Guide

Somewhere in the world right now is a cricketer panicking.

He's panicking because his season starts in two or three weeks and he has spent the winter doing anything but cricket.

He was too busy for nets, he forgot about the gym membership he paid for in January and pressure for his time comes from all sides; family, friends and work.

Maybe that guy is even you.

If it is, you're not alone. Life gets in the way of good intentions.

Increase Catching Area with this Funky Drill

How big are your players catching areas?

Super slow motion cameras are great for noting the size of catching areas in both keepers and fielders. Often, we see that catchers line the ball up with one open hand and more closed one, this is great if judgement is spot on or if the ball does not dip or deviate in the air.

Yet as we know, we are human and sometimes our judgement is not 100% precise.

This drill will help to increase player's catching area on flat catches, nicks to slip and edges to the keeper, giving the catcher a bigger margin for error.

How to Use Stimuli Identification to Become a Better Cricketer

This is a guest article from coach and PhD candidate Adam Kelly

Everyone says you should train hard but sometimes it's good to step back and ask a bigger question of ourselves.

What is the purpose of training?

We spend hours and hours in nets and on the field looking to enhance our performance. Drills are designed to improve our skills.

Logically we should train recognise which skill to execute and when to execute said skill.

Get More Run Outs with This Modern Method

This short video discusses the benefits of the modern method of taking outfield throws from in front of the stumps.

Is it always a good idea? Watch the video to find out from a real life run out experience.

Click here to view the video.

The Great India Fielding Hoax

Menno Gazendam is author of Spin Bowling Project. Get your free 8 week spin bowling course here.

India has many great cricketers, but fielding has always been the weakest area for the team. Like a club side, the attitude is that fielding comes last. It's not as important as batting or bowling so you can afford standards to drop, as long as your main skill is in form.

That's a pure hoax.

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