Readers Tips: 21 spin bowling tips

Earlier this week I ran an article from spin bowling guru Menno Gazendam. It got one reader so fired up that he sent me a huge email reply packed with tips.

It was so good I just had to share it with you.

So thanks to Shiva, an NCA qualified coach in India for the following:


  • Have a smooth and economical approach to the crease.
  • Align yourself properly on the load up or gathering the action, by aiming properly on which length & line to bowl.  
  • Give more rip to the ball on the release and stay on top of your height with proper weight transfer from back leg to front leg (legs stretched to the minimum - shoulder width on the release - front leg not to collapse - should stay firm)
  • Pivot your trunk so that on load up, one side of your hip faces the batter and after release the other side faces for a split second before you get to move to follow through.
  • Follow through in line with the target and get ready for catching/fielding of your own bowling.


  • Understand what type of bowler you are (whether tossing type or pushing through the air type) and assemble yourself to the conditions prevailing so that you are going to build pressure on the batsman through setting attacking or defensive field according to the match situation.
  • Always place right fielders at "with the spin" batsman playing areas.
  • Know how the wicket is behaving (whether the ball is turning or not off the wicket, if turning what is the degree of turn and its bounce) and place your field accordingly
  • On the start of your run up, be sure what you are going to bowl the next ball, be flexible in changing the field according to the game and a particular type of batsman (attacking/defending)
  • Have deep breathing in and out before you start your run up. Follow your breathing always during the game - learn to relax.


  • Do lots of flexibility stretches and body weight strengthening  exercises for whole body  (particularly band exercises for the shoulders) instead of lifting heavy irons (for more on that point click here – Ed).
  • Take care of your fingers/wrists so that they always stay fresh and ready to give nice rip to the ball.
  • Always keep coming at the batsman; have desire to pick up wickets through building pressure on the batter
  • Have a big heart. You will be hit at times but you can always have the last laugh by getting the hitter out by fooling him though your guile.
  • Have discipline in your work ethics; practice hitting length and line while ripping the ball hard against both left and right hander.
  • Be committed to your roles in the team; whether you’re expected to attack or restrict the run flow, be responsible so that you accept constructive criticisms and try to get better always.
  • Be mentally tough so that nobody can break your self confidence and self belief of putting the ball on right areas on any pressure situations. Even if the batter hits you all around the park!
  • Drink lots of water ( about 4-5 liters daily for adults)
  • have lots of food items which can make your body flexible, supple and strong (more on how to do that here – ed)
  • Sleep 8 hours during the night. Before the game sleep for 10 hours.
  • Have positive friends and be humble on all times whether you r on a high or on a low.

If you have your own tips on spin bowling, or any other cricket skill , then drop us a line

image credit: andrewhall

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Very nice article

I would like on fast bowling too

Shiva knows what he is talking about! Good article.

How do I get a good seam position while bowling left arm orthodox spin ?

1 hold the ball with ur 1st 2 fingers push it dwon the seam by keeping the seam of the ball parrelel 2 ur body
2 feel that dere is a pressure in the 1st finger cuz dats the finger wich is going 2 create the turn( TURN IT LIKE TURNING A DOOR KNOB)
3 Have a wide grip so that u have proper control over the ball and at the same time u can spin it.......... if the ball slips out of the hand then take a short grip AND TRY 2 ROOL UR WRISTS N DUNT TRY 2 SPIN WID THE FINGERS...OKK
4 for the chinaman hold the ball like a leg spinner for a right hander..]

i hope i have solved ur problems.. contact me on fb

How to confuse the batsman and make pressure on him while wo began to bowl?

I can spin the ball as i want, but i do not have speed, due to which batsman punish me well. what should i do plz help.

I can spin the ball as i want to but i do not have speed, due to which batsman punish me well. what should i do plz help.

Speed isn't really a problem most of the time, just make sure that you are spinning the ball as hard as you possibly can. You have to put 300% of your energy into ripping the ball from your hand, the speed at which you get your most spin is your regular and optimum speed. You can bowl a bit faster from there but as long as your spinning the ball as much as you can and ever will you should be okay.

i am 16 years old left arm orthodox spinner with height 5.4ft what should i do to control my short pitch bowl as i bowl short ball in every over mistakely .

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