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How to Rotate the Strike

How would you like to add an extra run per over to your team's score?

Tactics You Should be Using: Left-Right Hand Opening Batsmen

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There was once a time in cricket it was considered such an advantage to bat left handed that it was almost outlawed.

Remember the Difference Between Winning and Succeeding

We sat in desperate silence in the changing room.

Tame Your Fear of Collapse with Wickets per Over

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This simple stat can save your team from batting with fear.

The Cricket Stack: How to Stop Worrying About Your Technique

Once you know about the cricket stack, you can relax about your technique and actually start playing well.

How to Avoid Analysis Paralysis in Modern Cricket

With every ball of every cricket match on video these days, how do you avoid overload?

Case Study: Use Bowling Strike Rate to Get More Runs

Good batting sides build innings. And that means having nous.

Take a Wrecking Ball to the Opposition's Innings

Most people think you need a demon pace bowler with pace or a wily spinner to run through a team. The real way to destroy things is to use the wrecking ball in the opposition's head. Batting collapses are mental.

Improve Your Cricket with Pressure Training

When you hit nets you often feel no pressure. When you bat in a game you feel all the pressure.

Do You Make This Mistake in the Field?

Taking wickets is about more than just good bowling and fielding.