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Improve Your Batting Against Spin by Changing Length

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This is a guest article from Fish Hoek Cricket Club Head Coach, Jamie Rood

I run spin sessions by throwing off spinners to a 5/4 leg side biased field. We have a slip catching and two fielders out at square leg and deep midwicket. Everyone else is in the ring.

In one particular session, I was working with Kegan, an U16 batsman who enjoys working the ball into the leg side and picking it up over mid-wicket. Here's what we did.

The Golfing Mentality in Cricket

I have a very good friend who has a background in professional golf, having played on the European Tour and Challenge Tour. Oddly, it got me thinking about cricket.

The Art of the Target: How to Target Bowlers to Improve Your Scoring Rate

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Can club and school cricketers use the fashionable tactic of targeting certain bowlers?

It’s possible.

The Total Guide to Preparing for Different Pitch Conditions

Do you worry that batting indoors will ruin your outdoor form? Have you got a game coming up on a different type of wicket from your home pitch?

This is the guide for you.

You Can Bat With Hard Hands (If You Do It Right)

You go hard at the perfect away swinging delivery and edge it to second slip.

You get forward to the spinner and push his length ball into the off side, calling quickly you take off for a single, making it easily.

Both of these moments are examples of playing with “hard hands”: Playing a defensive shot but pushing into the ball.

How to Finish a Twenty20 Game Like Kohli

Virat Kohli is an astonishing Twenty20 finisher. How does he do it?

What better way to find out that to examine one of his great innings in detail? Here is his brilliant 82 in the World T20 analysed. You can take the lessons from his method into your game.

Bowling Tactics: How to "Bowl Dry"

Frustration: An underrated way to get wickets, and enormously effective at any level. In recent years, this has been called “squeezing” or “bowling dry”.

How do you bowl dry this way?

Batting Tactics: How to Attack in Club and School Cricket

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In one day cricket, the tactic used to be to play yourself in early, knock the ball around in the middle overs and smash it at the end. Nowadays, the really powerful teams are able to attack throughout the innings.

Work on Batting Plans Before Batting Technique

When you bat with a plan, you never have to worry about technique again.

Five Different Cricket Tactics to Try This Year

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Club and school cricketers are a conservative bunch. We like to play safe and stick to tried and tested tactics. But the game is changing fast, so isn't it time to try something new?