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Buy Michael Bevan's Exclusive Finisher Coaching Courses on PitchVision Academy

I'm delighted to announce that Michael Bevan's online coaching courses Finisher are now open, exclusively on PitchVision Academy.

As you know, a few weeks ago we announced the "Finisher" was revealing his methods in his first ever online coaching courses. And since then it’s been a feast of Bevan action on the site as a preview to the main event.

Now the wait is over, Finisher courses are available to purchase on PitchVision Academy.

Click here to enrol on the online coaching course.

Get them while they are hot.


All the streaming videos on the courses are professionally produced and the content is split into three to make it totally relevant to your needs:

  1. Consistency
  2. Chasing Runs
  3. Shot Selection

Or, get them all in one saving Masterclass bundle here.

The courses are fully interactive and have been designed to teach you to teach yourself. Worksheets allow you to customise Bevan's advice to your specific situation so you can make the most of every training session and run chase under pressure.

The members-only forums also allow you to chat and interact with others enrolled on the course. You are only in the inner-circle when you purchase a course.

Click here for more information and to be one of the first to purchase.

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