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Finally: A Proven Batting Method to End Form Slumps and Extend Purple Patches

The World's Greatest ODI Finisher Lays Out in Detail His Simple, Effective Way of Overcoming Failure and Batting with Consistency.

Act now to get the answer to consistency from Michael Bevan.

Have you ever had a great run of form, only to become frustrated when a string of low scores ends your success?

It annoys you that you are doing all the same things as before, yet the runs dry up.

What's happening?

More importantly, can you prevent this rollercoaster of inconsistency and become a reliable, solid batsman for your team?

You see, it's a problem with which Bevan has also wrestled: His record breaking run of form that made him a gun batsman as a teenager, an inexplicable slump followed by a return to legendary levels as peerless limited-overs batsman.

He taught himself to understand the elements of becoming a consistent batsman and he reaped the rewards of International recognition and legendary status in Australia.

It wasn't luck or talent alone that got him there. It was a system. A system that you can emulate to find your own success.

With it you can reach your goals as a batsmen, be it to become the best player in your side or the best player in your continent.

Finisher: Consistency is the exclusive insight into the mind of Michael Bevan's batting. It's your complete guide to becoming a modern batsman who can score runs with consistency regardless of circumstances.

What would that kind of success mean to you?

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When you buy the course you get instant access to interactive streaming video content, to learn the Finisher's methods of batting success in a way that you could never experience before.

Traditional coaches at your level don't have the same experience as top-class players. Even when a young cricketer gets the chance to experience a rare "Masterclass" with a top player, he only has a fleeting experience.

In comparison, when you buy Finisher: Consistency you have unlimited access-all-areas priveldges to an online place to learn Bevan's batting skills.

The course includes:

  • Confidence-building exercises that are proven to give you the ability to stay in the moment while batting
  • The three methods of practice that best allow you to build a reliable game.
  • How to integrate technical work into your quest for run-scoring consistency.
  • Examples of technical elements you can add to your game for instant improvements.
  • Shortcuts to understanding your "cricket personality" and how that feeds directly into your batting average.
  • The biggest mistake frustrated young batsmen make... and how to avoid it.
  • Three core elements of consistent technique, and how to practice them.
  • How to measure your consistency levels before you even get out into the middle.
  • The 5 levels of self-improvement, with a guide to how to move effortlessly through each level to the top, and batting superstardom!

Unlike a traditional coaching manual or DVD, you can interact with other members through the forums, understand the secrets through the videos in PitchVision Academy's coaching system, and apply Bevan's advice immediately by using the included personalised worksheets.

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The course also contains a revealing interview where Michael Bevan goes beyond the nets and into his personal battles as a batsman. The reason for including this autobiographical element is because when you hear the human side of a top player you learn what it is like to be in the inner circle.

Whether your goal is to become a professional cricketer, coach talented young players or simply learn more about Bevan's unique story, there is no doubt that you should buy Finisher: Consistency.

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Chapter 1 - Videos
Over 30 minutes of exclusive coaching video streamed directly to you.

Consistency Streaming Videos and Interactive Worksheets

This exclusive streaming video guide contains videos and personalised worksheets on:

  • Handling Form Slumps
  • Analysing Purple Patches
  • Developing Confidence
  • Practice Drills for Technique and Consistency


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Chapter 2 - eBook and Worksheets
Download, print and read the eBook version of this course, including personal worksheets

Consistency eBook

 Click the link to instantly download this 28 page, 4,700 word eBook that also contains 4 worksheets and practical drills and tips for improving consistency. Chapter contents are:

  • Introduction
  • Form slump
  • Purple Patch
  • Confidence
  • Self reflection
  • Building confidence
  • Practice for Consistency
  • Technical practice
  • Match Scenario Practice
  • Shot Selection
  • Technical Practice for Consistency
  • Setup
  • Cut

This eBook is in pdf format.



Exclusive Course Forum

 Talk batting with other players and coaches in the exclusive forum.

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