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If you want the complete guide to becoming a consummate batting finisher, this special course is a collection of all Michael Bevan's tips, advice and videos in one place.

When you purchase this course you get unlimited access to these batting courses:

Now with one value payment you can all the secret of Michael Bevan's batting success that you can apply in your own game.

Content includes:

  • Confidence-building exercises that are proven to give you the ability to stay in the moment while batting
  • The three methods of practice that best allow you to build a reliable game.
  • How to integrate technical work into your quest for run-scoring consistency.
  • Examples of technical elements you can add to your game for instant improvements.
  • Shortcuts to understanding your "cricket personality" and how that feeds directly into your batting average.
  • The biggest mistake frustrated young batsmen make... and how to avoid it.
  • Three core elements of consistent technique, and how to practice them.
  • How to measure your consistency levels before you even get out into the middle.
  • The 5 levels of self-improvement, with a guide to how to move effortlessly through each level to the top, and batting superstardom!
  • Simple ways to take pressure off yourself and play in a free, relaxed manner, even when the run rate is high.
  • How to control your confidence so you can play with freedom in the middle.
  • Step-by-step ways to guide yourself out of real match life situations, from batting collapses to death hitting.
  • How to practice under pressure.
  • What to do when things go wrong and you are falling behind the run rate.
  • A secret golfer's trick that is being used by top players including Bevan and David Warner.
  • Tactics and skills to rotate the strike safely whether the field is up and closing in on you, or back and on the boundary.
  • Instantly activated tips on how to play different bowlers at the death, whatever your current skill level.
  • Why premeditating shots is a GOOD idea!
  • A new way to approach shot selection that means you don't need to learn any new skills at all!
  • How to improve your conscious decision-making skills depending on the situation in which you are batting (from Twenty20 to multi-day cricket).
  • Practice drills for improving your ability to pick line and length. It's not what you first think.
  • How to adapt nets to make you into a perfect shot selector every time.
  • Assessment sheets to review your progress in real time.
  • Ways to use negative experiences to boost your game.

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Price: $44.91
Member Price: $34.54