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Uncover Your Hidden Batting Strengths

The World's Greatest ODI Finisher Reveals How to Use Your Existing Skills to End Bad Shot Choices and Pick Line and Length Like an International

Act now to get the answer to shot selection and picking line and length from Michael Bevan.

At one time or another, everyone has chosen the wrong shot or the wrong ball and got out by their own mistake.

Is there anything more infuriating as a batsman?

You have to walk back knowing you were the maker of your own demise and you might have to wait a week or longer to get another go!

But Michael Bevan knows exactly how to stop this happening and make you into a shot selecting machine. You can go from an average player to someone who understands what shots to play, and when to play them.

You stay in longer, score quicker and your goals as a batsman become more exciting as you move through the levels.

And the best part is, you already have these skills. You just need to learn how to access them.

That's what this on-line coaching course, Finisher: Shot Selection is all about.

You already know how to make a decision.

You already know how to play shots.

The trick is joining these skills together efficiently.

Then, once you can do that you can also work with confidence to develop your game further and learn new areas to score with speed and safety.

As time goes on you not only have the safety of being able to score runs in any conditions, but also to widen your range of shots as you become more successful.

Finisher: Shot Selection is the exclusive insight into the mind of Michael Bevan's batting. It's your complete guide to becoming a modern batsman who can score runs by making the right decisions and choosing the right shots.

What would that kind of success mean to you?

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When you enrol on the course you get instant access to interactive streaming video content, to learn the Finisher's methods of batting success in a way that you could never experience before.

Traditional coaches at your level don't have the same experience as top-class players. Even when a young cricketer gets the chance to experience a rare "Masterclass" with a top player, he only has a fleeting experience.

In comparison, when you buy Finisher: Shot Selection you have unlimited access-all-areas privileges to an online place to learn Bevan's batting skills.

The course includes:

  • A new way to approach shot selection that means you don't need to learn any new skills at all!
  • How to improve your conscious decision-making skills depending on the situation in which you are batting (from Twenty20 to multi-day cricket).
  • Practice drills for improving your ability to pick line and length. It's not what you first think.
  • How to adapt nets to make you into a perfect shot selector every time.
  • Assessment sheets to review your progress in real time.
  • Ways to use negative experiences to boost your game.

Unlike a traditional coaching manual or DVD, you can interact with other members through the forums, understand the secrets through the videos in PitchVision Academy's coaching system, and apply Bevan's advice immediately by using the included personalised worksheets.

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The course also contains a revealing interview where Michael Bevan goes beyond the nets and into his personal battles as a batsman. The reason for including this autobiographical element is because when you hear the human side of a top player you learn what it is like to be in the inner circle.

Whether your goal is to become a professional cricketer, coach talented young players or simply learn more about Bevan's unique story, there is no doubt that you should buy Finisher: Shot Selection.

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Please note: this is an online course where the content is all available instantly online. There is no physical product to be delivered so when you act you get instant unlimited access.

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Chapter 1 - Videos
Over 30 minutes of exclusive coaching video streamed directly to you.

Shot Selection Streaming Videos and Interactive Worksheets

This exclusive streaming video guide contains videos and personalised worksheets on:

  • Decision Making
  • Picking Line and Length
  • Practice Methods
  • Practice Quality
  • Mental Game

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Chapter 2 - eBook and Worksheets
Download, print and read the eBook version of this course, including personal worksheets

Shot Selection eBook

 Click the link to instantly download this 24 page, 3,400 word eBook that also contains 6 worksheets and practical drills with diagrams and pictures for improving your shot selection. Chapter contents are:

  • Introduction
  • Decision Making
  • Picking Line and Length
  • Shot Selection Practice
  • Understanding Conditions
  • Typical Net Scenario
  • Practice Skill Assessment Sheet
  • Keep it Simple
  • Quality of Practice
  • Technical Assessment Sheet
  • Mental Game
This eBook is in pdf format.

Exclusive Course Forum

Talk batting with other players and coaches in the exclusive forum.

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Price: $19.25
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