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How to Bounce Back from Cricket Injuries

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So, you just got injured?

There is nothing worse that seeing your team mates playing, going through immense highs and tough lows together, while you are not able to help them. This causes lack of motivation and even hate towards the game. Can you deal with the mental side of a physical injury?

How to Deal with Cricket Setbacks

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This is a guest article from Jordan Finney, cricket coach and sport psychology degree student.

Left out of the team. Opposition counteracting your batting. A new player who can take your role in the squad: The list of cricket setbacks is endless.

How Andrew Strauss and The "Young Guns" Proved Practice Under Pressure Works

I have just returned from a fantastic cricket training week over in Saint Lucia at the newly named Darren Sammy National Cricket Stadium. Andrew Strauss and I coached 22 children using the wonderful facilities whilst basking in the sunshine.

How Brain Training Lead to 17 Hundreds Last Cricket Season

Duncan Fletcher had lots of “Fletchisms”. One of my favourite Fletcherisms is “train the brain!”.


How to Raise Cricket Confidence

Jordan Finney is a cricket coach and sport psychology degree student. In this article he talks about how showing faith in players leads to more runs and wickets

Good performance and confidence are a bicycle chain.

Batting: How to Deal with Bad Form and Make the Most of Good Form

Jordan Finney is a cricket coach and sport psychology degree student. In this article he writes about how to get back to form and stay there.

How do you deal with this problem?

Super Strengths: Why It's OK to Ignore Your Cricket Weaknesses to Become a Cricketer

When you go to nets you work on bringing up your weaknesses. But what if your time is better spent on your strengths?

This is what modern cricketers and coaches call "super strengths".

A Bad Day Doesn't Have to Mean Bad Cricket: Here's the Drills to Beat a Low Energy Slump

At training last night one of my team was clearly "not up for it". He wanted to put in his usual high work ethic but he was flat and unenthusiastic. Nothing felt right.

When this happens, how do you get out of the slump?

How to Stop Rain Getting You Down

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How true does this situation sound?

You are ready for a game. You have prepared hard and long. You are keen to put yourself to the test, have some fun and enjoy the challenge. The anticipation is wonderful.

Then it rains.

Bat With a Clear Mind? Yes, But Not Too Clear

How much of batting is mental?