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Cricket Show 11: How to become a professional cricketer

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Becoming a professional cricketer is a common goal for players. This week Kevin and I try and tackle the issue from several angles.

We also discuss:
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how can i improve my bowling speed

We answered that one on the show as it happens. Take a listen then buy the Fast Bowler's Bible ASAP!

hi sumesh

i want become cricketer. but my age is 25 and i play only in my building with only tennce ball. i never play with season ball in cricket. i little confusion about cricket. should play cricket as professional

I want to become a cricketer, am aged 27 but am fit enough to easily play for another 10 years.... I have been playing cricket from my childhood and been part of couple teams (One day and two day Teams) in the Hyderabad Cricket Association (Known as HCA Leagues) apart from leading my college & High School Cricket teams. I am an allrounder(Right Hand Bat & Right Arm Medium Pacer). I feel i miss something in life when not playing. I want a club who can sponsor me so that i can even help my family with providing them the basic necessities of a day to days life.

Good luck in your goal Shri.

Hey David,

Thanks.... Appreciate your wishes... Smiling

Hi name is Manny 26 years old i want to be a crickter i am very good basically iam an alrounder i can spin the ball as well as fast bowling and batting.
Cricket is in my blood,If India cgive me chance then i will bw very very useful towards Indian team.Its my promise ,Please give me some cricket clubs in Delhi and
some senior coaches phone nos so that i can make them satisfy that how can i play cricket?
But I never take chance in clubs or disrict cricket but i played with real leather
ball so if anybody give me chance then i will make my promise.
Yours Lovingly,

im at d age of 23 i know how to play cricket, but i never played with leather ball. i can do both batting and medium pace bowling... Im ready to do any type of hard work.. can i become a god cricketer for indian team.. i will be happy if atleast i play for ipl like leagues....

sir,im really confused and worried abt how to play cricket on a professional nearly 23 and a right handed medium fast bowler with around pace of 125km/ not a technical batsman but can hit the bowl a long way.Basically i have tried to increase my pace through practise but its just not increasing the way i want it....I have talked to people abt it and most of them told me to go to gym and strengthen my upper body thus resulting an increase in speed....i have never ever done gym in ma whole life and have not a good fitness....can u plz tell me what to do to become one of the fastest bowler in the world..and is my age still good to become one .thanks

Let's be realistic. If you bowl at 125kph it is unlikely you will become the fastest bowler in the world. It is possible to improve your speed if you work with a very good coach like Ian Pont and have a very good cricket-specific strength plan. However with luck, hard work and even more hard work you have a chance. It's not easy or cheap though. Have you got the time, money and motivation to do so?

hi..can i become cricketer in now 18.....plz help..

It's possible, although I would need a bit more information to be sure.

Where to contact in delhi for professional cricket as i want to become a professional cricketer my age is 19 and i am a right handed batsman.

i m 23 years old i want to become a it will be able at this age.and plz tell wat i have to do now.plz suggest me a good cricket coachong clubs.

i m 23 years old i want to become a it will be able at this age.and plz tell wat i have to do now.plz suggest me a good cricket coaching club.

hi,My name is mrinal and my age is 26 years.i want to be a could you provide some information about various clubs which i can jion to be a cricketer.

hya... im 18 years old. i am a crazy cricket fan. i'v played for my school team in my child days. i m a pace bowler n also can bat a bit. but in my school team more preference was given 2 spinners . thats y i was not selected for matches n i was mostly a substitute. i can bowl at 130 km/hr. i left cricket for 2 years at d age of 15. i wanna try again. can i become a cricketer of team india atleast by d age of 25 or so. plz help

i am kutty and i belongs to chennai. i am 17 yrs old. i want to become a cricter. could u pls tel me some good cricket cluba near to my area. and also the fees details.i have played bet matches wiyh my friends and i we have won many my friends told me to join in cricket club so that i can my aim is to play for our cricket team atleast once in my life time.

iam 19 years old ican play

hi im 15 years old i wish to play for australia i play cricket for wonthaggi workmens. i have beeen picked to play in the u15 junior country week ldca name iz onkar....i want to be a cricketer......but i m 18 yrs old......then tell me how to beginnnn my career.........

Sir I want to become cricketer.My age is approxly 21 and I play in my village plyground with only hard tennce ball. Sir,I also play with dues ball but not every day. I little confusion about cricket. should play cricket as professional
im not a technical batsman but can hit the bowl a long way, and also I am Medium pace bowler.. Sir Plz. Suggest Me.

hi Dave
i need your immediate help. im a leggie of 13 years i play for a 2nd grade senior cricket team as well as an under 15's team.
my problem is that i get a lot of extra bounce which is good thing but it rules out LBW and bold. As a result i can only get wickets
caught or stumped. i get more wickets in senior cricket than junior because the fielders are better (even then more than half my
chances are missed), i have to play juniors so i can play district cricket.
I think im a fairly good leggie i can bowl all the variations properly including the flipper and zooter. the problem is that the
fielders seldom catch the ball and the keeper gives away alot of byes and cant collect cleanly so i usually dont get stumpings. i
believe i can go as far play state under 15 if i had better fielders and keeper. I tried using signals to point out what variation im
going to bowl to the keeper before i bowl but that didn't work.

Your Advice Will Be Much Appreciated

hi dear i want to become a professional cricketer . but my age 20 can i become a particular bowler . my dream is i want to become a indian team cricketer . kya yah ho sakta hai

hi im thanush. i want to be a cricketer im good in cricket. my age is 12 i have to wait a coupple of years im in pune if good coaching help me

can yu help me i wanna go to indian team

can yu help me i wanna go to indian team

i ill will be happy if icould play even in ipl or a match too

i ill will be happy if icould play even in ipl or a match too

I m 15 year old n can swing d ball both side n i have very gud technique. But i don't kno where i start 2 play professional cricket to b a part of indian team.

Im 11 and a leg spin bowler i can turn the ball pretty hard.And i want to become pro and play for australia

Good luck.

sir i am prem ranjan and i want to be a crickter but my family background is not like so what should i do
plz give me some suggestion............


TELL ME SOON..................

Im a 19 year old seamer from Aus. Would like your opinion on something... Im 5 11, and bowl the ball at 120 125 kph with a reasonable amount of outswing... I want your thoughts on two things... 1, is it possible to pick my pace up around to 135, 140 klicks, and if i can get it upto that pace with a bit of outswing, would playing first class cricket be beyond me?
Also, what Ian Pont's done with Atul Sharma, is it possible to get involved in something like that

Anyone can improve their speed with a combination of technique work and effective strength/power training. There is a limit to how much faster you can get - not many can get up to 140kph - but you can get quicker. If you do you increase your chances of playing professionally but it's more complex than saying "I bowl 135kph, I will play first-class".

I'm not sure what you mean by getting involved with something like the Pont/Sharma team-up. You mean you want to pay Ian for his advice?

Sir my age is 16 and height 6.3" weight 50kg. i m a pace bowler, inswing is natural, but having some trouble when i take lift to bowl the ball i have no control to my body as a result it decreases my pace. my runup is 19 step almost 19 meters. what should i have to do please reply soon. Thanx in advance.

Sir my age is 16 and height 6.3" weight 50kg. i m a pace bowler, inswing is natural, but having some trouble when i take lift to bowl the ball i have no control to my body as a result it decreases my pace. my runup is 19 step almost 19 meters. what should i have to do please reply soon. Thanx in advance.

I am 17 yr old and can bolw at a speed of 135 kmph and even can bat i want to know how to become a proffessional cricketer

As for a trial at your local first-class side.

hi david

This is Kshitij....and I am from Pune in India...i am 22 years...and cricket is in my blood...I had joined cricket academies in delhi for a year and then i left at the age 15...due to the pressure of studies but i wish to still become a cricketer and i am ready to do work really really hard to achieve this goal of do u think is there still a chance at the age of 22....and if yes plz suggest me some cricket academies in pune...i have played with the cricket ball under sumit dogra's coaching...he is an ex ranji player and he told me not to leave the academy....

i wanna be a cricketer im aged 11 i have chances. i live in pune cn anyone tell any good cricket coaching in pune, india, maharashtra. i wanna be part of cricket and be famous inm a right-e bat bowl and y fielding is good. cn u tell the best company of cricket bats. plz help i help u.

hai my name is akash bhaskar
iam 13 years old and i want 2 become a cricketer
and also i want 2 roshan indias name .
cricketer is my life
if i comes 2 indias team
india will be in 1st rank
in whole school i am the best cricketer

my name is not thanudh my name is thanush

my name is not thanudh my name is thanush

hi i wanna be a cricketer to make india famous im 10 yrs old and cricket is my life. only i need a bit practice cn u help me ill help u back i live in pune next to bombay. cn u tell coaching i play the best from almost the fuul schol only 10-12 are better rest i play better. im a all rounder. plz help. y we not make a group and discuss and write comments to get ideas

im 11

hey kshitij even i live in pune some cricket coachings are poona club,stadium cricket club,nanaware cricket assoaciation,i think don bosco

i want steps to be a cricketer ill help u if u help me

im playing cricket fro 5 yrs and i wanna be cricketers like sachin etc i wanna be in mi in ipl pplz give suggestions.


I am damodar,I am talking about on behalf of my niece(my bhanga) ,He is 14 years old & his hieght 6 feet 1 inche with good phicyse
and he is plying crick with Lether bowl . he wants to be fast bowler , so can you suggest me
which cricket institute is Good in pune , right now he is in Amaravati(M.H.).

hi even i live in pune,india. i goin to cricket tell where do y live in pune. i try to suggest some coachin 4 u.

cn anyone tell a good company of bats and bowls. i play with leather ball im age of 11 do i hve chance pppppppppppppppppllllllllllllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz telll me .

not y it's u

my bowling speed is 123km/hr

sir,i am 17years old . i want to play for INDIA.Than what should i do to become a cricketr...
plzzzzz suggest me on

If u r a right arm bowler then just before releasing the ball make sure that your left hand wud b moving tightly and never break ur left leg knee while realeasing the ball!!! got it.
the opposite action is applied to the left arm bowler.

sir i am 15 yrs old and i want to improve my bolwing speed and batting shots please teach me these thing as cricket lies in my blood and i want to be succesful cricketer

The first step is to subscribe to the PVA newsletter

sir, i am 24 year old.i am a good fast bowler $ powerful bestmen.i have a power that i can do speed bowling with movement i.e.speed bowling with offswing $ legswing .you believe me anybody can't play against my yorker bowl.i sware ,my bowling speed will more than 150-155 km/h but i did't get right way for represent my bowling.i play as the uttapha.god sake,if i will get a chance for represent my ability.i believe in god that i will get a chance for dominate my performance.would you like to give me a little bit of chance of your important time for auditing my performance.god sake sir,can u provide me phone numbers$address of club who can sponsor me. my e-mail id is ''

Well sir, I have been having great interest in cricket since the age of 4. I just play cricket with friends, they call me a big hitter. But my shots are not valuable, i don't last long and go out with 50 or below. I am now 15 years and have not started for a coaching series, i have great response to cricketing life and am really wanting to be a part of the indian cricket team. I do quite well with the bat, and my bowling tactics just lack a little. I want my future to be a cricketer, how can i acheive this sir. Will be awaiting and want to represent in future popular teams.

Sir, Please mail me if you have any suggestions on my post, really am keen to hear you take some response. I live in chennai, tamil nadu.

sir, my name is nitin chaudhary sir i play cricket in meerut in victoriya park club. sir here are many players sir i play there last 3 month. i feel our coach likes teach only old players please tell me sir how can i improve my batting. in 3 months i m not played a match because seniour is first byt sir new player want to play matches.

im a pace bowler and a spinner. im both in spin and medium pace. im 12 i used to play for clubs. my bwlin speed is 130km/h. do i hve chance cricket is my blood im fan of sachin tendulkar. suggest me cricket ats of good quality and leather bwls plz

how to improve bowling speed

I played cricket since I could walk and achieved quite a lot of success.I played first team for my high school since I was 14 and scored fifties and hundreds. Everyone used to tell me I had a classy technique, and once Frans Cronje was at our school and picked me out as the most promising young cricketer.

When I was 17 our whole team got banned for a whole year, and then when I just got back I broke my hand and never played again.

Now I am 24 and all of a sudden I can't stop dreaming of playing again.

So is it possible that I could still play professional cricket even though I haven't played in 7 years?

I just bought a really nice bat and will get the rest of the kit soon.

I used to be an opening bat. RH.


I played cricket since I could walk and achieved quite a lot of success.I played first team for my high school since I was 14 and scored fifties and hundreds. Everyone used to tell me I had a classy technique, and once Frans Cronje was at our school and picked me out as the most promising young cricketer.

When I was 17 our whole team got banned for a whole year, and then when I just got back I broke my hand and never played again.

Now I am 24 and all of a sudden I can't stop dreaming of playing again.

So is it possible that I could still play professional cricket even though I haven't played in 7 years?

I just bought a really nice bat and will get the rest of the kit soon.

I used to be an opening bat. RH.


is 27 too old to start cricket for becoming professional cricketer?

Generally speaking yes it is much too old to make it as a professional. However, there is always a chance, but by 27 it is very slim unless you have an extraordinary circumstance.

hi david,
i'm 15 and play for my country (Singapore's) u-16 side. We are the 5th best u-16 team in Asia(after India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh). I have played against teams such as the malaysian national u-16 team and the capetown u-16 team and we beat both of them. I regularly contribute runs to my side as a batsman (average about 30 in both t20s and 40 over games). I am quite versatile, i bat anywhere from opening to no.7/8. Also, we have beaten state u-16 teams(Bangalore, Visakapatnam to name a few) in India. I play at division-2 club level regularly and this is the 2nd highest level of domestic cricket here. I can also bowl decently and regualrly put in 3-4 overs for my team at about 110kph. I am capable of getting natural swing and bounce due to my 6 ft frame and action. I am working towards being a good allrounder. I am one of the top high school cricketer's in the country and play for the best high-school team in Singapore. I have gotten numerous awards and recognition from my school. I am moving to India next year and plan to play for a club in mumbai as well as have a short stint at an academy. If i perform well for club and school there, do you think accolades such as the ones i mentioned will assist me in getting into a state-level age-group team? Will they consider my international experience even though it is for a non-test playing nation and will this aid my progress into state-leve age-group teams?

How I can improve my balling speed and batting

Bit of a broad question vinod.
To improve batting, The first thing to do is analyse where you are going wrong. Go through the ways that you have been getting out, full leg stump, short off side etc. Then After that you want to practice, practice, practice. When you know what shots you are struggling with, then you ask questions about what the key points are for that shot. You then begin with tennis ball drills, adressing the points, focus on rolling your wrists, keeping your elbow up or whatever it may be that you are not doing and practice in such a wayup to perfection. THen you can move on to throwdowns, bowling machine type practice, maybe make a small investment in a Sidearm ( and ask a friend to feed you with those deliveries. Then move on to the nets, and once mastered there, you have built up the right confidence to use the shot well in a match.
If it is not just one shot, and you are just a bit of a slogger who cant connect, who has never been a great batter and wants to improve, start from the very basics, the younger you are, the easier this will be. Scrap what you have been doing and look at your grip and your stance. The how to exploit batting weaknesses guide is good so you can see if you are doing anything wrong. Use the above bractice method to make such changes
Be confident in shot selection, play positively and build a solid technique and you cant do much wrong
Once you have ironed out any flaws, and followed the above tips, then you will see a steady increase in your average, and your position in the order.

To improve bowling speed, you have to look at the process of your action, to paraphrase ian pont. The best way to do this is to get the fast bowlers bible (around 12 pounds) or the how to bowl faster, which has a little more information, particularly regarding the drop step front foot block, for around 60 pounds. The only quick tip for this is to just put a bit more effort into your bowling. I do very strongly reccomend the fast bowlers bible, it has increased my speed, and there is no reason why it should not increase yours.

To answer your question, yes they will take that experience into account, but at the end of the day, it is the players who perform best that become the best.

Hi David,
I am Abhishek from India. I just love playing cricket and I am very passionate about it. I have the talent,the potential, stamina, fitness level and I am very confident that I can do really good in this field. I have also played at the district level under 19. But the problem is after my 12th I had to opt either for cricket or my studies. As my family was totally against it, i had to go for my higher studies. Today I am 25 and I am working as a software engineer in an MNC. After my 12th I have not played much cricket. At this stage I want to quit my job and take cricket as my career as now I am independent and have no family pressure.You might be thinking that it would be not a wise decision and that too at this age and with so much of gap. But believe me I can prove to be a dangerous cricketer for the opponent. I am very confident about it. All I want is a guidance about how do I start at this stage so that I am spotted by the right person and get a chance to play for the Indian team. I know I need to start with domestic cricket like the Ranji trophy but how do I get selected for that even. Kindly guide me so that I can make the best out of it. At this age I don't want to go in the wrong direction and waste my time and talent. Kindly revert on my email address.

dear sir iam 23 yrs old i have not yet joined any cricket club. but cricket is my bread & butter so any benefit for my future now iam joined cricket.

Hello sir, i'm 20 year old and i want to became cricketer and i'm all rounder with pase bowling pls can you guide me about it.

hi, i am studying in 9th std in kuwait i am a indian , i want to became a cricketer ,after 12 what i want to do for a cricketer plz replay in my yahoo ID
i am well in bat & ball ,

I am from puri,orissa,india.age-16, I like cricket hw much ,can't express. I only play with tenis ball. Still i couldnt get a chance to play for a club. Bt still i am mad of cricket. M a fast bowler and hard heater batsman. If god bless me i can be a cricketer. Bt the problem is every indian's thought is just lik me..oh god! Plz give me a chance..

salle pehle vidya niketan to clear kar le cricket khelne ke sapne dekh raha h!

how I can increase my bowling speed

look here

hello Sir, I am Gurmeet Singh, 24 yrs old from punjab.. wanna pursue Cricket again... stopped it bc,z some reasons...didnt play for any Club.. but i need an academy badly in Delhi...Help me pllsssssssssss

hi i am 12 years old i want to become an cricketer of india so want can i do


Hey dude. I am 14 yrs old and an offie. That's excellent having most of variations with ur stock leggie. trying all the variations in an over is not tricky. If u do so, u have to change the fielding tactics which is not efficient. see mendis he uses his variations thoughtfully.suppose use 5 leg break than a flipper which will surely do something. Also try to improve ur variations more.

hello sir, sir my age is 15th and i want become cricketer u tell me one thing that how i become a cricketer from rajasthan cricket team sir i m swing fast bowler strike bowler so please help me for become a cricketer

You could start by listening to the podcast and reading the articles?

Its all in the action, it will not work if you are not bowling correctly, you can not just try and bowl your fastest without the correct technique.

Keep your front leg straight and make your back leg drags through.

Make sure that if you are right handed your left arm rises as high as you can.

Following though is very important, so try to make sure that you do and do it in a straight line and don't veer of left or right.

Muscle memory!!

Hope this helps.

hi , i want to know the bowling area whrer thwe bowler get start

which studies u have choosen during ur studies???

tej dor ka

sir, i want to become a cricketer and i am 15 years old.i study in 9th standard and i am an mothers stops me from playing cricket and my father dont say biggest dream is to become a cricketer.i joint cricketet coaching but i left it because my parents dont allow me to play they want that i please help me out.

my name is ghaffar khan.i m a bowlar.i m 16yr old.i want to make a crickter.there for help me plz.i m so wishpull so plz plz replay must.thanks

my name is ghaffar khan.i m a bowlar.i m 16yr old.i want to make a crickter.there for help me plz.i m so wishpull so plz plz replay must.thanks

my name is ghaffar khan.i m a bowlar.i m 16yr old.i want to make a crickter.there for help me plz.i m so wishpull so plz plz replay must.thanks

hi, my name is age is 15.i am selected for the district team in pondicherry and i am a left handed batsman and right arm medium pacer.i can swing the cricket ball and in my team i am a worthy player.Can i proceed to higher level cricket.please suggest me

hi m a 23yr old from orange grove went 2 highlands north boys played cricket 4 the 1st team and was made skipper in grade 9 then i joined wanderers cricket club i really wanna play 4 my country and i knw that i'll do wat should i do from here and i'm opening bowler and bat no 7 pls let me knw my no is 0714027011

bhai agar tera kuch ho jaye to mujhe bhi chance dilwa diyo i am a gud allrounder(opening swashbuckling batman ( Hitter) nd Opening Fast Bowler nd i can bowl some off breaks also in difficult situation nd if needed i can do wicket keeping also.but the basic thing is chance if anyone give me chance i can show my talent to whole country dat wat i can do coz i have a technique of batting nd bowling , cricket is in my blood i can truly say dat!

my phone no. 9899980414 i will give 100% nd i will win ur heart plz give me life's biggest opportunity i live in new delhi, mansarover garden , my parent's think dat i can't be a cricketer but i know dat i m a able allrounder nd a very very gud batsman i can hit every ball for a boundary like viru paji my idol , i stick to the basics nd my basic ability is to turn the whole match from no where whether from bowl or from bat i just give my 100% to cricket .i want to fulfill my dream to be a consistent player like sachin tendulkar ..just to play for india nd to show how to play a real cricket with attacking approach !

hello,,,i m 19 years of age..and i m playing cricket in dhyan chand national stadium,(new delhi),,,,i m right hand batsman.and right arm medium there any career for me in cricket,,i mean,,can i see myself as a international level player..reply me fast!!!

bro,,,i m also live in raja delhi,,,at which block do u live in mansarover garden..myself ajay sharma.. m 19 years of age.and i m playing cricket in major dhyan chand national stadium..reply me fast.

u can become a cricketer if u will work hard try to go to some cricket coaching even i want to becom a cricketer i am 14 years old i dont go to cricket coaching but i still practice with tennis ball .i am planning to go to cricket coaching next month

u can go to cricket coaching and if u are realy good then u may be able to play for your state then if u get man of the tournament u may be getting a chance to play for india or IPL if u achieve this then please help me also







hey i want to become crickter....can u plz tell me from where i will get the forms for ranji trphy and any domestic tournaments.....and i m allrounder and i m 16 years of age...i m captain of junio cricket team of my school from last two years and i have taken my school to final of inter zonal

I don't think it's as simple as filling in a form, sadly.

I am Malu. I am 10 years old. I play cricket well. My friends told me I am best in Cricket. I want to join with Indian Team especially with Dhoni sir. Someone recommend for me to Dhoni sir. I m good in Rubber-ball cricket.
But my only problem is I am a girl. But I want to play with Indian Team.

Hello, I Am Daz,
I am 13 years old and I love cricket and want to make it as a proffesional I have been recommended to many counties in England I have already had professional training but I don't have the guts to Try out I am a All Rounder (Right Handed Batter Average: 54 And A Right Handed Fast Bowler Average: 34-5 These averages were based on my last season of 15 games of 50 overs for my uncles cricket team) I am consider in my school as the best as my level in cricket is level 7/exceptional performer which is B to A.
Any Tips?

Sir i am 24 years old. i live in varanasi U.P. i am left arm fast and spin blower and right hand batsman. i want play cricket.

sir i am 19 years old . i am right arm spin blower and right hand batsman. i have blowed like as Murrlydhran as like as Afridi .i am belonged to Chitral. i want to cricket

join the icc cricket world cup under 19 yrs

Hi i am Hamza Shahzad
i saw everyone comment on this page and i can note everybody feeling some of them lying and some of people making fun on this page but i just want to say who ever reading this just beliave on yourself and work hard and one day someone walk past to you and ask you to play for professional team.``LUCK``
hi Ones again i am the one who can play crciket,bowl and can do bettre feild and i am only 15. Thank u very much

Just belive on your self

sir i m 14 yrs old and i want to become a good cricketer and play for my country .what should i do to become a perfect cricketer. i an all rounder .please give me some tips on my facebook account

Hi i am imran i am 17 years old i am left arm off swing fast bowler and bastman i have played taluqa level matches and other tournaments .
In my village tournaments i am taking 9 wickets in 1 match .
So please help me to play the cricket in indian team

hi i m karan i love and playing cricket i m 17 years old i m batsman and wicketkeeper . and my dream is play in india team. thank u

you may please correct your action , your hand should come from your head instead of coming from side arm

i love cricket but my age is 25 cricket is my passion i love my cricket my heart and also i want to become a greatest allounder from indian side plz advise me this time is good for me ...plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Hi there I am 37 yo I am wicketkeepr in the last 2 seasons I seem to be dropping easy nicks standing back anyone help

respected sir i just require i chance to show my skill i m all rounder i m from mumbai i want to play for our country if i got the chance i can proof my self just one chance i req

Hi m zeeshan n i m 16 yrs old..i m ri8t hand technical bastman and wicket kepr....our skul does not provide any coachng and i want to be a cricketer..what shall i do now to bcom a cricktr....

sir i want to become a cricketer and i am selected for gandhinagar and i going for the selection of gujarat under 14 cricket tournament please suggest me how to get select in that selection.


i am trying hard and i thinks from my practice that i get selected in that selection but a help from you help me better i am 13 years old and a allrounder.

i am want to play the cricket as a joining indian cricket team so that's my dreams .

hi i'm dream is to become a cricketer .....but with my financial problem i'm not getting any one sponsor me i'll prove my self and i have to look after my family if anyone

hey, i am 17 years old and well talented cricketer. im a right handed batsman and defensively very sound. i played cricket till 11 years of age regularly and was tipped to go far in crikcet. due to some problem however i had a 5 year gap in my playing and havent been able to play consistently. i no live in england, do you think it would be possible for me to become a cricketer now? cheers

I am 15 and i want to become a cricketer. I am a fast bowler and i bat usually at number 5. Can you please tell me how to swing the bowl, I usually bowl around 120km/h but i want to get faster.

to increase your bowling speed you just need to run more fast during your run up. the faster you run the more fast you bowl.

Nonsense. Run up is about rhythm, not sheer speed. Most bowlers who try to run in fast are not hitting the crease at the right speed and lose momentum. If there is one secret it's hip/shoulder separation.

I would say a full rotation of your shoulders is essential

Yes there is no one single answer anyway, it's all factors combined.

my name is 22 i live in hyderabad .i did not play in any professional cricket . how can i start now.

i m 13 years cna i play cricket

sir my wish is 2 b a best cricketer 4rm india plz provide me the name of best cricket club 4rm dehli in india

I m 26 year old
Dear sir, me Surat me rehta hu mike konsi academy
Me participant karma chahiye plz mike sahi address
Me apna best performance dunga

Age 25 mai tennis boll pe melts hoo.. Mai right handed technical batsman hoo.. Muze lether boll se choching cahheye Mai Pune ka hoo aur muze achha cricket akedmy batao.. Mai achha batsmen ban sakta hoo... Plzzz

hi my name is rajiv i am 17 years old i live in india i am a fast bowler .I can bowl around 130 km i am a right handed batsman opening batsman but i want a good club and a good coach can you help me???
I can spend money to..

i wanna be a cricketer im im an bowler,fielder,keeper. i play gud. plz help me.

im 11 yrs old

hello,i am 19 years old do u think i can play
Ranji matches inshort i can start my career in cricket.i m really getting interest in cricket and can put my full efforts in it...

Good Afternoon all.
Me and my team run an online service called 'playermove'.
this is a website that enables players such as yourselfs to advertise themselfs and be seen by clubs from all over the world, all free of charge.
you can search from the hundreds of clubs registered with us on our website, and enquire with them.. then hopefully play for them in the upcoming seasons!
feel free to contact us at for any needed infomation.

Many Thanks,
The Playermove Team. Smiling

Good luck go ahead

Which area u should specify next time and i will suggest u

I am an off spinner. I can spin the ball but not able to throw on area where I want to and sometimes can't control it. Any help.

Dear sir,
I am rajendra aged 18 and dream to be another sachine,but i still have not joined cricket club, but this year i planed to join club in ahmedabad. Do you think it will take me to indian team ? i have played cricket and still playing . .please give the name of cricket club in ahmedabad. i am batsman and right fast arm bowler . . Plz . Plz give me positive suggestion . .
Thank you.

hi i am 12 years old i am a good bowler but i cant bowl straight how can i do that .i can t only bowl leg side.

Hi, I want to join any leather ball cricket team in Bangalore.........
I'm 24 and good all rounder.
Please reach me @09886970416

i want to become a cricket player i am from chennai my age is 24 this is possible to become a cricket players

Maybe but it's very hard. Look here: How to become a cricketer: what are your chances?

Vijay-Now u just cannot become a cricketer

hi! i an also want to become a cricketer like sachin tendulkar so,you don't have to bother about your performance you have to just give your 100% .

I think you do have to bother about your performance, but giving 100% is a great way to bother. How would you define that in real action?

I can Bat well but i want more training and i want to become a cricketer how can i ?

sir i want to be criketer and woud like to play for indian criket teami m very good in criket. plzz sir i am soo poor so plz giv me a chance a will never sad you

Hi im 14 years old and i used to play for derbyshire until i was 13 and i desperatley want to become a professional crickter. i am an all rounder i bowl fast and i am a right handed batsman. I also can bowl leg spin and turn the ball a long way. Please help.

I'd love to help, what help do you need exactly?

See dude . Its not that playing with tennis ball or cricket , it should only be the experince in your carrer . Then you can surley master it . Be fit . Pratice every day with cricket ball , pray god for luck . U can contact me on facebook " prashanth lee " .

My age is 15 and i want to be a player of indian cricket team but i don't know how to play cricket i play cricket only in my school but i want to became a good cricketer so how can i became?

have a nice poo

my age is 15 and iam a off spinner and i can spin the ball . i want to play for india as soon as possible . i am a handy batsmen also i am right hand batsmen so sir please help me becoz i want to prove my self .i have played national from mumbai which was held in patiala so please help me sir

hi sir my name is sandeep of age 12 studing7 standard.iwant to be a superb national cricketer.i am a allrounder and i will play plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give a chance . who can give a chance pls contact 9445378589 or in chennai.iam the biggest fan of sir m.s.dhoni

my self nilesh kaudare from mumbai.
i want become cricketer. but my age is
24 and i play only in my building with
only tennce ball.
season ball in cricket. should play cricket as
Mujhe cricket khelna hai, lekin samjh me nahi aata kaise. Please help me.


i always feel that m born just to play cricket,i used to play a lot of cricket,my father always thought that there is no future in cricket so he dint allowed me to join a institute/club etc. M very passinate abt cricket,as per me m a classy stroke player,a bit like michael clarke,n left arm spin,i feel that i can spin a ball up to a good scale,since childhood m turning every kind of ball that comes in my hand,but frm past 3 years i hvnt played cricket much n now i feel m incomplete without cricket,i want to go back in my cricket rythm,kindly tell me some good institutes near ghaziabad it will help me a lot,i know it will take time but m ready to improve my skills what ever it takes m 19 now,help me

Am 23 now , i'm playing cricket for the past 15 year in normal ball like stumper and tennis. not in the season ball, i just want to know is it possible for me to become a professional crickter ? if so please some help me , what are the action should i take to achieve my dream???

hi i am ahmad hussain my age 20 years i want to play indian cricket please give me one chance this is my mobile no.9014232557

Congrats in advance Shri... Me also feeling the same as you said, I 'm feeling like missing something when I'm not playing.... Sad


i am a 17 yr old boy. I have been part of a few cricket coachings, and have also played cricket for my school. I have wanted to become a professional cricketer since i was 8. The problem is, i have had to shift from place to place for the last 7 years, resulting in instability for my cricketing ambitions. I am a batting all rounder, bowling at 130 kmph. I am about to join IIT. Please guide me as to how should i continue my dream of playing cricket for my country.

Hey i'm naveen kumar from kovai.for me also the same problem dude.but i'm 18 years old nw....can you pls tell me any good cricket coaching centre!

eye cordnation speed run up and power when bowling

dear sir iam 22 yrs old i have not yet joined any cricket club. but cricket is my bread & butter so any benefit for my future.i want to be a player of indian cricket team but i don't know how to play professional cricket. i played cricket only in my school days but i want to became a good cricketer so how can i fulfill my dream . please help me sir.. and suggest the best coach and best cricket coaching academy in hyderabad Or secundrabad region. plz help me contact no 7207412083.

Sir im 17 yeas old i play cricket with my frnds near to my building with hard tennis ball. Im a right handed batsman, i also do the balling & i truly wana make my life,carrer towards cricket i wana be the best ever crickete than even sachin so can u tell me the sol for this problem bcous i had not played cricket for any school, college or clua so please rply as soon as possible

Sir im 17 yeas old i play cricket with my frnds near to my building with hard tennis ball. Im a right handed batsman, i also do the bowling & i truly wana make my life,carrer towards cricket i wana be the best ever cricketer than even sachin so can u tell me the sol for this problem bcous i had not played cricket for any school, college level nor for any club so please rply or contact @9491707939 as soon as possible plzzzzzz rply fast sir


Hi my name is Rishu, I am 12 years old, i have played hard ball cricket ever since i was 9, i already get 60 overs a practice for private training on batting from a ex-pakistani cricketer who played in 2 world cups for them. I practice with him 3 times a week and then the other 3 days i practice with a ball in a sock in my garage also i sometimes walk with my grandpa for 3 miles for fitness. I am a die hard cricket fan. My coach says i have talent and i am hard working so that always determines me to do better. i play in a adults cricket league for 40 over matches or 30 over matches, my highest score in one 40 over match was 42 and i batted for 34 overs, i bat at number 3 for my team. I also play for another small "academy." They have a u19, u15 and u9 cricket team. i sometimes play in matches for u19 but not in regional tryouts, etc. However i play full time for u15 as vice captain, and i really want to be a captain and a lot of the times the coaches at the academy never notice my talent they only focus on the captain and how he does he also is 12 so i feel i need more chances they say they will pay more attention to me and will give me more chances but hey never do there is no other academy where i live so pitchvision please tell me what i should do. Also i am really wanting to become a professional cricketer and a cricket superstar my dream is to play in Ranji Trophy and play in IPL or play for a ICC qualified country that plays test cricket such as India, Australia,etc. My parents are keen on supporting me for that dream along with me being able to do good in studies too. There is one HUGE problem, I live in Florida, USA. Please give me advice on how i can fulfill my dream, I know you guys will ignore me like other inspiring people, but please my story is much different and is a unique one so please just read my comment please help me! Also i want to be able to score more runs more faster so please write an article focused on that also how can i improve my strength so i can hit the ball harder as i think i play too slow, also please write an article on how to be a better captain too. If you guys are reading this please send me an email responding to my questions ASAP as soon as you see this as i also play baseball too and if you guys feel that proffesional cricket wont work for please tell me dont hesitate to tell me dont feel like as if you guys tell me my moral will be down, thats not true tell me everything you want me to know. Sorry for this long comment/passasge but i felt i can share with PitchVision and that you guys can help me like no one else. Thank You so much. Please dont ignore please read i hope i am not wasting any of your time. I am now moving on to 7th grade please help me i want to play proffesionally as soon as possibly if i can i want to make a remark in the cricket history books. Also i wicketkeep so can you write an article on how to be a better wicketkeeper. Please tell me what to do, please dont ignore this passage please Reply to me as soon as possible. bye thank you so much.

Dear Sir,
I m a cricketer
Who do you see good or bad, Inform
Sir my age 28 Year Old.
Did you Cricket a chance of eliciting a head f
Nothing else in my life besides cricket cricket Sucta sixth running of the hu ..
Please give me a chance.

I m very passionate about cricket..but due to financial problem i am unable to join cricket i have never played club i am 25+..can i join any cricket club now..??

Cricket club membership in the Uk is £20 a year and subs of £5 a game. Its really not a huge financial committment.

i am gaurav agarwal and i want to become a cricketer i am 14 years old and i am good in bating and medium pacer please you tell how i do to become a cricketer ...
Please tell
pleace contect to..


I am a 25 year old Girl staying in Mumbai.Had played Cricket in College and had also won Intra-college tournaments as a Captain.Now I feel I am missing cricket. In college team I used to Manage everything and used to bat,field and ball.What can I do to enhance myself in cricket and join women's team . There are very less girls cricket happening around.

Can u help me by coordinating with all girls,which even I can do and start practicing.

sir im kulashree girl staying in dombivli, maharastra, india and sir i wnt womens cricketer iam 16 please tell how should i start iam also in collge tournaments .iam a bowler, batsmen. sir pleasetell me how much ishould do more to become an international player .you can contact me on fb"kulashree bhosale' sir please reply me fast

Hi,I am 13 years old and want to become a cricketer.But the problem is that I don't have any coach or trainer. I live in Varanasi,can anybody give me a solution.

What cricket is my life I'm only 12 and I play as an emerging blue just wait in six years ill be a professional international player all rounder pace bowler swing bat number 3 like a boss name Shyam maddi

sir my age is 20 and very hard working man. and I love cricket. can I start my carrer now so that I can play in next three 4 years?

thanks and regards sir.

your answer will be appreciated.

Hi, my name is saurabh and my age is 27 years. I am a batsman and a smart spin bowler. I captained my school cricket team. I know its a little turn off to read my age but i would like to ask if there is any way i can get into first class cricket. I have taken some wrong decisions in life which is why i left my only love in life. I am dedicated enough to the game for the next 40 years. i would not mind the job of an umpire as well because i know i am good at it too. especially with lbw's. I dont mind following any route to get into professional cricket teams. please advice.

I want to bat..i lve cricket very much..who can help me at 21..

Sir, My age is 13 years. I am a die-hard fan of cricket and do anything for it. I think it's quite late to take the decision as there is a lot of competition for cricket in India. I want to become an international batsman. Though I am not so strong financially , I have a keen desire to become a cricketer. My parents keep scolding for it , as there is so much competition, its costly and I am late. I immediately need your help sir. Please give any suggestion.

give ur num

Hi.....I am Faizan........want to became a cricketer....and want to play for my country and for my is my reason for living

How can I improve my bowling speed?

my name is mihir and my age is 15 i want to become a cricketer. i wanted to if anybody could help me telling that when and where are the saurashtra selections are going to be held. i am an allrounder (right arm medium pace and right hand attacking batsman). i actually live in Mumbai but wanted to give selections in Gujarat. if anybody knows anything plzzzzzzzzzzz........ help me out.

sir is it possible for a 25 year old to start coaching now and is there a possibility of becoming a professional crickter by any chance in india...please reply..

sir my name is Deepak . i m from Delhi. i have done interior designing. i am doing job in exhibition company.but i have no intrest in job. nd i want to become a cricketer. nd i want to play cricket. I think i have talent in my batting specially in test cricket.. but i play only tennis balls in the parks... and i have a lot of interest in cricket. i want to play. Bt some reason i never played it. bt can i start now?bcos i m now 24. how can i start. pls help me sir

nd how can i prove myself. nd its very imporatnt to me nd my family.....

sir my name is Deepak . i m from Delhi. i have done interior designing. i am doing job in exhibition company.but i have no intrest in job. nd i want to become a cricketer. nd i want to play cricket. I think i have talent in my batting specially in test cricket.. but i play only tennis balls in the parks...i have not yet joined any cricket club... i don't know how to play professional cricket... and i have a lot of interest in cricket. i want to play. Bt some reason i never played it. bt can i start now?bcos i m now 24. how can i start. pls help me sir

Sir plz take me in IPL .i 'm all rounder and play cricket very good cricket is my life plzz sir plz ...........??????????
Tell me plz......

hi sir... I have great interest in cricket but still i m not starting even for club cricket i m 20 year old i wanted to become cricketer can i join club or any cricket coaching class to become a cricketer... Plz give me some tips at what level i start cricket..

Hi David,

I'm 14 and I live in Australia. I was wondering what was the best way to go up the cricketing ladder, because at the end of this season I was possibly the best player in my team and i racked up more than 250 runs this season, took 5 catches and 5 wickets wth a fairly good economy. So I would classify myself as a batting all-rounder, and back to my question how do I make it to the top David?

Hi sir,
This is dinesh age 24 my passion is to play cricket ... I love to play cricket matches in ranchi tropy from my childhood days.
but asap to my family situation am not able to join in club.. but I used to play cricket in schools and college..
now am having good eanrings and I like to join in club and proof my talent and would like to play with great cricketers..
If I join club they will appreciate me or else whether my age will become problem to start my carrier.
If any coaches and cricket lovers can u suggest me ...

Hi, I m Akash from pune; I m good striking bowler with both the swings. And bat at the top middle order position. Trying play next level after corporate and district level but not getting way to do it. My aim is to play at least for the state or ranji. Can any one guide me on this...

Hi david,
I m 22 yrs old. I play on leather ball here at a ground near my house. I m a good batsman. How do I, n to whom shud I approach to play in domestic cricket. And are their chances that at this age if I play well do I get chance to play at international level. Plz suggesr some guidelines.

i am very intrested in cricket my dream is such a great cricketer in my life but i have money problem because my father is farmer and i am middle class person...............plz help me i am 19 years old

sir.... i live in mumbai and i am 23 year old....
i want to make my career in international cricket...
so please suggest me the best academy for me to join....

Your's problem is because of your speed, bowl slowly, work on your tip and decide your place where have to bowl...limit your speed for bowl...thats best, All the best...

i want to become a CRICKETER im 15 my name is Sravan i want some clubs who can sponser me im an all rounder [right haded batsmen and right arm medium] plese help me to get some clubs

I am playing the HCA leagues and i have fear to play some say this is ground fear .............please help me that i have no fear while playing

hi my name is james thushar iam 16 years old iwant to become an australian cricketer i am an indian but iwant to join in australian cricket team so iwant to know what are the qualifications to be an australian cricketer so pleaseee help i am not saying for comedy help me sir it was my goal
i am righthanded batsmen and pace bowler with swing i am practicing everyday but i dont know how to become an australian cricketer sir please help me sir

hello i am a 14 years old boy who is so dedicated to the game cricket but never be appreciated for his dedication because I belongs to a very little district of a state . so give me some tips to improve my cricket and how to show my talent at national level and also at international level because it is urgent.... I am so good but i need a coach to nourish my talent.

I am faster bowler age 23 i am playing matches to masters cricket acadmy my runup 25 mtr speed 145 3 time man of the serise

I am faster bowler age 23 i am playing matches to masters cricket acadmy my runup 25 mtr speed 145 3 time man of the serise

hello i m 17 years old,my height 6.3 feet and frm mumbai. i want to be a cricketer atleast at the first class level because i love this game from the bottom of my heart and my life is impossible wid out cricket . i can bat well if any coach can nourish me in a well manner.

This will sound funny. I m a medical student. But my passion is playing cricket. Nobody would notice that as I m girl. N in India, a girl playing cricket is not appreciated. I m in middle of my sem now. I m planning to switch over to cricket. It's always been my passion. I haven't played for any associations. But I have played cricket a lot. With any kind of ball u name. Wish me luck. It's a big step I will be tataking from becoming a doctor to a cricketer. I may or may not be selected but I would be happy Living with my passion.

Its actually a little too late for you. But you should go tomorrow and join a coaching.and then play for a club to start with.

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