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A Bad Day Doesn't Have to Mean Bad Cricket: Here's the Drills to Beat a Low Energy Slump

At training last night one of my team was clearly "not up for it". He wanted to put in his usual high work ethic but he was flat and unenthusiastic. Nothing felt right.

When this happens, how do you get out of the slump?

Which is Best: Nets or One to One Training?

If you have cricket training options, which is best?

How to Use the PitchVision App to Become a Cricketer

Ready to train like a cricketer? Improve your game with the help of your phone and the PitchVision app. Analyse your game like never before.

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Video: How to Make Cricket Nets More Fun and Competitive

Net games are easy to add to any standard net session. They make practice more fun and improve standards.

In this video you can find three simple ways to up the competitive part of nets.

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Cricket Show S7 Episode 4: The New Batting Manual

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Sam Lavery, David Hinchliffe and Mark Garaway hit the controversy button on the show. The topics include "mankading", bowling left and right handed in the same over and what goes into the "batting manual" now methods are many are similarities are few.

Plus, the usual couple of questions get a good delve.

Wicketkeeper Drill: The Wall Game

In a few short months during the summer of 1988 I went from being a 5 foot 5 inch aspiring club standard fast bowler to playing U15 International cricket as a wicket keeper. This came about through a combination of a number of factors.

Work on Batting Plans Before Batting Technique

When you bat with a plan, you never have to worry about technique again.

5 "Must Try" Hacks to Cricket Nets that are Proven to Grow Your Game

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All year, every year club, school and Academy players head to nets. As the aim is to improve, how can we make nets achieve that aim?

For the thinking cricketer, there is a list of things that make you say, "I must try that". Somehow you never get round to it and end up doing the same thing you always did.

Cricket Tips: Combining Video with A Bowling Machine Boosts Performance

We all know how good a bowling machine is for improving batting technique. But just using it to hit balls is not the best way. That's where a good review and PitchVision's PV/VIDEO comes in.

This video shows you how you can use video analysis for instant feedback on your bowling machine session. This allows you to tap into the proven power of deliberate practice and effective review.


Quick Tip: The Two Best Ways to Use A Bowling Machine

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A bowling machine is not a bowler, so you have to practice with one differently. There are two ways to get the most from a bowling machine session.