Welcome to our shiny new PitchVision look.

PitchVision is enjoying an upgrade across the board. We've had our team of branding experts slaving day and night in the basement for the past 10 weeks to come up with our new brand to launch us into a new season. We hope you like it.

We've also some great new products and events coming up, and a massive announcement at the end of May regarding a new PV app. Stay tuned for that one!

Meanwhile right here in the Academy section of PitchVision Interactive, its a brand new look alongside the same great content; you're certain to find advice to help you while enjoying the stylish new surroundings.

The pages are filled with advice from over 40 coaches, including James Anderson, Kevin Pietersen and JP Duminy. We cover batting bowling and fielding in unparalleled detail. You can search the site for more and get the free email newsletter (with its brand new look for 2015).

Welcome to the community. Hang around, ask a question, leave a comment, make a point, make a difference! Its your cricket coaching home!

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Master High Pressure Cricket Moments with These Four Simple Messages

Here's an article that looks at the strategies used by NFL football players to deal with the huge pressure of playing in professional sport. It's simplicity can be applied perfectly to cricket:

  1. "Pressure is a reflection of ambition. Rather than viewing the pressure as a negative, look at it as a great opportunity. It means that you know what you want, and that you actually have a chance of obtaining it.

PitchVision's Modern New Look, Same Great Taste

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It's exciting times for your favourite cricket coaching brand: PitchVision is getting a complete new look, and it's not just cosmetic.

Thanks to the extraordinary success of PitchVision Academy and the PitchVision tracking systems, we are able to upgrade your experience while keeping everything you love right where it belongs: In your hands. It's a testament to the success you have brought to PitchVision.

How to Evolve Your Batting for the Modern Game

Gary Palmer is an experienced coach and head of CCM Academy. In this article he talks about the way to bat to give yourself the best chance of success.

Batting technique needs to evolve to be more successful in the current climate.

Cricket Show 306: Competition Winner

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This week's winner of the Cricket Show podcast question competition is Dino. He wins a free coaching course from PitchVision Academy.

The winning question was,

"The biggest problem I have faced is overcoming the fear of the ball. This fear is insidious and try as you might, you can never fully extinguish it. It sits at the back of your mind, created by all of the painful experiences that you've had over the years of playing cricket and comes out when you don't want it to. It's there when you bat and face the bouncer, it's there when you bowl and have the ball hit back hard at you, and it's there when you field at short leg or just about anywhere on the ground. It keeps you from taking half-chances and slows your reactions and hinders your game. I find it amazing to watch international players who have no fear of the ball whatsoever and put their bodies in the line of fire, day in and day out. So how does one overcome this most basic mental hurdle and improve his/her game?"

Listen to the panels answer to his question here.

Cricket Show S6 Episode 15: Overcoming the Fear

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PitchVision Academy - PitchVision Academy Cricket Show 306.mp3
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We all have a had a fear of the ball at some stage, yet it's rarely discussed. So on the show Sam Lavery Mark Garaway and David Hinchliffe get into the hidden fears.

Plus there are questions about trigger moves and back foot play, and how to judge the difference between doing work that you like and doing drills that challenge you out of your comfort zone. It's a delicate balance but the team have the answers.

Listen in to find out.

How to Use Matches to Inspire Awesome Cricket Solutions

It's been an exceptional start.

Millfield School started the cricket season this week with two unbeaten Festival wins in the Under 15's and Meyers XI (U18's). We have seen lots of evidence of the winter work paying dividends. A number of players have hit personal best scores or wicket hauls.

However, the rigours of match play exposed a couple of glaring holes in the U15s bowling attack from both a mental and tactical perspective. This forced Steve Wilson (Assistant Coach) and me to think on our feet.

In the first game of the festival, our bowling attack conceded 22 wides in only 50 overs.

Keep a Training Log to Improve Your Cricket

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We often say cricket is a mental game.

We often say measured training breeds success.

One perfect tool to handle these things is a training log.

The problem is, most of us don't think of logging things in cricket. We turn up, train, play and repeat. Of course, this is an effective way to improve, but is it really the best way?

Batting Drill: Picking Length

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In this exclusive video, IPL Talent Scout and Academy coach, Monty Desai has a drill to help young players work on picking length without premeditating.

In the video you will see him work with a player who makes a small technical error, and then corrects it through some focused work.

You can view the video here:

Video Coaching from One of England's All Time Wicket Takers

PitchVision Academy are delighted to announce JIMMY613, the video-based coaching guide from English swing bowling hero, Jimmy Anderson.

Click here for full details.

In the online course, you'll find the most comprehensive guide to fast bowling available.

We are delighted that Jimmy has chosen to let PitchVision see how he has become such a high class and long lasting bowler. Now you can join the ride.

Cricket Show 305: Competition Winner

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This week's winner of the Cricket Show podcast question competition is Curt. He wins a free coaching course from PitchVision Academy.

The winning question was,

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