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How to improve your cricket decision making

David Parsons is the ECB National Spin Bowling Coach: A job in which he is entrusted to develop a new generation of spin bowlers for English cricket.

He is also a technical and theoretical whizz, always looking for creative ways to give players of all disciplines the edge.

One key factor of this is improving your decision making ability through coaching.

Cricket specific plyometrics

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As you know, plyometrics are an excellent way to improve your cricket fitness: Be it sprinting a quick single or exploding into your bowling action.

Typically cricket plyometrics is used in the off season as a way of developing speed and power. Note that plyometrics need good technique, fitness levels and plenty of rest after sessions.

Cricket Plyometric Drills

Can you use your body to boost your power?

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For many years, fitness coaches have waved the flag of plyometrics as the perfect cricket specific speed, strength and power tool.

It's true that no training method alone can meet the varied needs of cricketers. However the use of body weight, medicine ball and box to improve your running, jumping and throwing is very attractive.

Weekly Links 29th October 2006

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Is your running slowing you down?

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Think back to your coaching sessions when you were younger. No doubt you were painstakingly taught the correct bowling action, the forward defensive and many other complicated techniques.

What about being taught how to run?

What club players can learn from England Women

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I was recently lucky enough to speak to Neil Rider, manager of the Ashes holding England Women. He's an expert coach with plenty to say on cricket coaching, fitness and psychology: Much of which club cricketers can take into their games.

An Interview With Neil Rider

Can you run us through a typical training session with England?

Practice under pressure for amazing results

Have you ever had trouble moving the confidence and technique of your net practice to the middle?

It's a seemingly unsolvable problem but the difference can be put down to one word: Pressure

In the net you can't get out. You can groove your technique as long as you like under no danger and no need to worry about score or what's happening at the other end. Traditional net practice is not specific enough. And we all know how important specificity is.

7 Tips on being a good fielder

Club cricket fielding can often be poor. But on many occasions this is less to do with skill and technique and more to do with concentration and awareness. Two factors that any fielder can improve. Here is how to do it.

Weekly Links 22nd October 2006

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Practice like a physical genius

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Do you have a talent for cricket?

There is a growing theory that natural ability may not be as important as you think.

Talent, they say, is merely your desire to pursue your goals with single minded dedication.