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How to improve your concentration

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Do you ever find yourself falling asleep in the field?

Have you ever got out to a poor shot after batting well for a while?

If so then it's time to work on your concentration skills.

Many boffins think that the amount you can concentrate is fixed at about an hour per day. The way to get better is to concentrate less at the right time.

The way to do this is to teach yourself to switch on and off at the right moment

Sample Wicketkeeper Skills Practice Drills

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This post is part 3 of the wicketkeeper training session series. To go to part 1 click here.

Some of these drills can be very dangerous. Ensure you take the correct precautions to prevent injury.

A wicketkeeping training session

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wicketkeeping gloves on wikipedia

The wicketkeeper is a unique specialist position and requires unique practice. A keeper needs to practice just as hard as a bowler or batter but they often don't in club cricket. To combat this, here is my series on practices wicketkeepers can incorporate into training: Either in a team session or in a smaller group.

10 ways for captains to prepare

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Bob Woolmer once said (at the ECBCA Conference in 2004) that to fail to plan is to plan to fail. Its not a new concept but its true. All players, especially captains, need to do some preparation beforehand and keep on top of the game once it starts.

Here is how:

Bob Woolmer’s marble slab

Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer used a marble slab to recreate a fast, bouncy wicket for the 2nd Test against England.

As a coaching aid it wasnt the most successful ploy ever.

Is there anything we can learn from it at a lower level?

Play Better Cricket - Welcome

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Welcome to harrowdrive.com - your guide to playing better cricket through tips, tricks and practical advice.

Using the fundamentals of sport science, experienced players at all levels and ECB coaching skills I will show you how to improve your game.

I update this blog regularly with cricket tips, advice and coaching so why not subscribe for updates?

Cricket pre-season preparation


Visit the exclusive "Countdown to Summer" Preseason training page for more exclusive tips and content to help you prepare for the cricket season.

Planning to succeed

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Cricket is a game of planning and plotting from captains, batsmen and bowlers. Why should your preparation for playing be any different? A good plan will allow you to develop your cricket fitness and cricket skills as fast and effectively as possible. Quite simply: Cricketers who plan and prepare are fitter, faster, stronger and more skilful.

Where to begin?

Turn your cricket dreams into reality

Do you have a cricket dream? Perhaps it is to play internationally or maybe its just to get more runs than last year in you club side.

One of the most effective ways of improving your motivation and focussing the mind on any task is by goal setting.

Cricket is no different. Goal setting is a powerful tool to becoming a better player.

It helped Richard Hadlee achieve the incredible double feat of 1179 runs and 117 wickets in county cricket in 1984.