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Pure strength workout for cricket

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Fitness in cricket is vital to improve performance. While playing and practicing are the most important part of the game, players looking to develop need to spend time in the gym too. This means that in part of your pre-season training should be dedicated to developing your pure sport strength. Before you begin on this programme here are a few key points:

Cricket Tactical Awareness Test

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Update: This test has been given a lick of paint and been moved. Click here to go to the new test.


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5 Ways to improve your fielding

Have you ever wondered how to make yourself invaluable to the team?

Runs and wickets are vital of course, but a good fielder becomes a critical member of the team. If you can save 20-30 runs and take great catches your place in the side becomes vital.

This is especially true for younger club players who may find themselves pushed to the first team purely on their fielding skills. Once you have that chance you can keep yourself in the team.

How to improve your agility with a balloon

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How can a humble balloon be an aid to improving footwork and agility?

Cricket is a game that requires fast feet.

Agility and quickness are vital elements of your overall training and a balloon can be a key element in improving:

  • Coming down the wicket to spinners
  • Turning when running between the wickets

Cricket masterclass videos

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Cricketer skills assessment: Evaluation tests

By now you should have your skills sheet filled in with all the skills you require (including the ones you already have).

The next step is to create a number to add to the Score column.

This is so you can monitor improvements, which will not only motivate you but give you a clearer picture from which to set your own training.

5 strategies for dealing with ringers

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We have all come across players out of their class in club games: The infamous ringer.

Whatever the reason they are there, you need strategies to combat them. Here are some tips.

  • Dont fear reputations. Many good players are expecting to do well automatically. Your best strategy to use as many tricks as possible to strangle and frustrate them into a mistake.

Martin Crowe’s Batting Masterclass

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Martin Crowe's Batting Masterclass

Coaching DVDs are a bit like Aerobics videos. They sound like a good idea at the time, but often less useful as practical aids.

Martin Crowe's Batting Masterclass is a straight up batting technique DVD along these lines. If you are going to get coached on batting it may as well be by a bloke with 71 first class centuries and a Test average of over 45.

What should I have for tea? (or matchday nutrition)

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