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Practice like a physical genius

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Do you have a talent for cricket?

There is a growing theory that natural ability may not be as important as you think.

Talent, they say, is merely your desire to pursue your goals with single minded dedication.

Creatine for cricket

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Yesterday we talked about supplements in cricket and decided if you were going to use a supplement, the best one is creatine.

But creatine is certainly not a magic bullet. Before you start any supplementation plan you need to be aware of the facts, the benefits and the risks.

What the heck is creatine anyway?

A supplement Shoaib and Asif could have used


What with all the words written about the Pakistan doping controversy, I thought it would be interesting to get a club cricket angle on it all.

After all, if you can find legal ways to supplement for Shoaib then perhaps you can use them yourself as a club player?

One thing you need to keep in mind is that most club players don't need any supplements - legal or not. A combination of a good diet, focussed training and a well-planned fitness routine is more than enough to skyrocket your performance.

Another benefit of a club coach

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After I posted the reason all cricket clubs need a coach yesterday I had a moment of realisation. I had totally missed another important factor a good coach can bring:


Well-rounded coaches will have knowledge in the technical, tactical, physiological and psychological aspects of cricket, and to improve on them you need to know where you are to start with.

Why a coach can make your club a success

Has your cricket club got a coach?

I'm talking about the senior section here, not the colts or youth teams. If not, have you ever considered why not?

I know that at the clubs I have played the answer to both questions is 'no'.

Why you should care about work to rest ratio

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cricket work to rest

I spend a lot of time talking about working hard, but in many ways rest is just as important for players who want to improve their cricket.

Specifically, I'm talking about the demands cricket makes on your body during a game. To make your practice worthwhile you need to reflect these demands in practice: Your work to rest ratio.

5 Ways to get back to your cricketing best

Coming back to playing cricket after some time away from the game is hard work.

A lot of cricket specific movements are not reflected in real life and bowling is, frankly, an unnatural thing to do. That means returning can cause players to perform below their best and be very sore after their first few games.

Although there is no way to get around this, you can reduce the worst effects by some careful planning.

Happy Birthday to the googly

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A complete year cricket fitness plan

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Update: This article has now been updated and reposted. Click here to go to the latest page and download the latest plan. The information below is for archive puropses only.

Most club cricketers in the Northern hemisphere are not thinking about next season yet. Winter nets tend to start after Christmas and football is dominating the world. But this is the best time to set down a fitness plan for the year.

Weekly Links 15th October 2006

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