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Cricket fielding drills week: Skills

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This post is part of the Cricket Fielding Drills Week series. To go to part one click here.

You can never practice your fielding enough. Even 'natural' fielders need to keep their skills sharp to reduce the chance of dropping catches and missing run outs. Here are some drills that cover picking up, throwing and catching. You can also use them for fitness if you make them more intense, and don't forget the fielding drills I have already posted.

Update: Cricket Training Programme

Every now and again I'll update you with my own schedule, just to give you an idea of how a club player can do it. Hopefully it will give you some context to my tips.

Last time I updated you I was just starting my recovery phase. Mainly to give my body time to recover after the season.

Now I'm feeling fit again I will be taking this week as complete rest (well, I'll be walking about 30 min a day but nothing else).

Cricket fielding drills week: Fitness

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This post is part of the Cricket Fielding Drills Week series. To go to part one click here.

Sometimes it's very difficult to stay motivated when trying to get fit for cricket. You want to improve your fitness, but fitness drills can seem very far detached from getting more runs and wickets. To find a balance you can combine fielding drills with fitness training.

Cricket fielding drills week

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Fielding drills are great. They improve skills, can be done almost anywhere and can help with your fitness. They are also hard to find online. It's about time that changed.

Weekly Links 24th September 2006

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How to win the league

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Chris Adams built a great team

Yesterday, Sussex clinched the County Championship ahead of bigger rivals Lancashire. Considering the side finished dead last in 1997, the team have become a case study in how to win league cricket: Something which all club sides can learn from.

Captain Chris Adams puts it down to teamwork (although Mushtaq Ahmed's 102 wickets may have helped too). While we don't know exactly how they did it, we can look at the clues and come up with some ways club sides can follow the lead of successful teams.

The secret of a perfect run up

Seam bowling all-rounder Kelvin has been back in touch with me.

You may remember he asked me some coaching questions a little while back. He now has a run up problem which I hope to solve for him.

Part of a good run up is being fit enough to perform it properly. In Kelvin's case, his hard work is starting to pay off in real cricket performance:

5 Cricket training kit essentials

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Do you think you have your kit bag sorted? You may not have, even after you have packed your bat, pads, gloves, box and whites.

That stuff is great for playing and practising but it doesn't cover everything. So here are 5 more things every cricket player should consider having on hand.

1. XLR8 Cricket Kits

10 Keys to fast fitness for cricket

How can an American economist help you play better cricket?

John Hussman that very American economist. Although we can't be sure, my guess is he hasn't done much in the world of cricket.

What he has done is set up a website for people who want to get fit and lose weight. That site is based in the solid grounding of physiology, which means you can adapt what he says to make you a better player.

How club cricketers can train like professionals

If the cricket club you play for is anything like mine, success means a great deal. We may be amateurs but we still want to do well personally and in our leagues.

But playing well means training well, especially for those of us who are not lucky to have the talent of Ponting, Flintoff or Ntini.

Time restrictions might stop you practising as much, but you can still train the way the top guys do. Here is how:

Make a commitment