CRICKET JOBS: Coach - Essex Autogroup Graham Gooch Cricket Centre (UK)

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Closing date: undisclosed

Job Title: Coach at Essex Autogroup Graham Gooch Cricket Centre 

CRICKET JOBS: Disability Engagement Coach - YCB (UK)

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Closing date: 3rd November 2014


Applications are invited to join the team at Yorkshire Cricket Board as Disability Engagement Coach covering the South and West of the County.

Good Enough for Dhoni: 4 More Village Tactics to Try

In the 2nd Test against England, Dhoni stood back to the spinner.

It's a tactic regularly employed in lower standard games where the keeper doesn't have the confidence to stand up. In short, it's village cricket.

But there was a method in the madness.

Use These Questions to Create Vaughan's 10 Captains

Rewind to 2004 and a moment that struck a chord with world-class cricketers.

When Michael Vaughan took over as England captain, he said that he wanted 10 other captains out on that pitch with him every day.

Very soon that group of England players were winning Test match after Test match on their way to Ashes success. As a group of coaches, we felt that there was a minimum of 9 captains on the field at any one time.

Key Coaching Lessons from my Time with Graeme Smith

I have known, worked with and admired Graeme Smith for many years. Over the years he taught me some valuable coaching lessons.

I first met "Biff" when he was a 18 year old lad straight out of school. He played some club cricket in the UK and was in my Hampshire Board XI for a few games. I was impressed with his maturity and sense of fun; less impressed with his "grubby" technique.

The key lessons that I learnt from the great man are:

The Art of "What If" Captaincy

When things are not going as planned, the great captains often have a proposal to resolve the situation.

Brian Ashton calls this "and now for something completely different" or "what if" planning.

Don't Panic: The Cricket Captain's Emergency Guide to Desperate Tactics

We have all been there: You stand in the field as everything falls apart around you. Your well laid plan is being laid to waste by rampaging batsmen. You look around the field for a change of bowling and realise you have already tried everyone.

What do you do next?

Stop Insane Mistakes With Sane Post-Game Reviews

They say that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Yet how many times after a game have we "reviewed" performance with a bunch of fleeting clichés about bowling better, taking our catches and taking responsibility as a batting unit?

How many times do we actually do something about this complaint other than hope things will change next time?

To Plan or Not to Plan: The Power of Out the Box Thinking

In the world of analysts, TV replays, team meetings and data mining it is easy to forget the value of instinctive tactical thinking.

As an analyst in a previous life, it was my job to come up with the plans for our bowling attack that maximises the impact against any given batsmen or batting line up.

3 Ways The West Indies Restarted Their World Cup History

Congratulations to the West Indies; overturning the odds with a thumping win against Sri Lanka in the World Twenty20.

From the coaches dug out, how did they do it, and what can you learn from it with the teams you coach?

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