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Cricket Show 72: Drop the ego

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With Kevin away, David is joined by Gary Palmer and we get the final part of our interview with ECB and Lane4 psychologist Wil James.

If you missed the other parts of the interview with Wil you can get them here:

On the show this week we cover:
  • The problem of coaching players with big egos.
  • Why being a good coach is about more than playing experience.
  • Coaching style: Telling vs. asking.
  • How to drop your own ego as a coach.
  • How batsmen can deal with different coaches giving different information.
  • "A kick up the behind or a hand round the shoulder" is man-management more complex than that?
  • How to draw out quiet players and shut up the loud ones.
  • Why it's important to know yourself when you lead or captain others.
  • The top 3 cricket mental training tips for young cricketers.

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