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As you know, a few weeks ago we announced the ex-England Analyst and current Director of Coaching at Millfield School was revealing his methods in his first ever online coaching course. And since then it’s been a feast of fielding action on the site as a preview to the main event.

Now the wait is over, First Class Fielding available to purchase on PitchVision Academy. Get it now.

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Combine Fielding Technique with Fun to Take Home Trophies

When I watch coaches take fielding sessions I see excellent activity, movement and enjoyment. Yet I would like to see this backed up by some coaching work.

It's great to see youngsters enjoying fielding drills. Fielding is a hugely important part of the game and we do it for the longest time within each game of cricket. Team drills all help towards facilitating better performance.

Technical Jargon Busting: Kinetic Chain

What is the kinetic chain, and what has it got to do with cricket?

In the coaching world, we often talk about the kinetic chain. It's a good shorthand term for a something that can get complex, especially when we discuss how to improve your bowling action. So, this article will give you a quick idea.

Make This Simple Change to Improve Slip Catching Drills

This video is a free sample of the online coaching course - First Class Fielding - from Mark Garaway

In this final preview video, Mark Garaway gets real about slip catching. In this video about slip catches from the seamers, Garas shows you how you could make a simple change that instantly improves realism.

Click the link to view Garas at work:

Use "Punch Yourself in the Head Moments" to Become a Better Coach

Have you ever had one of those "punch yourself in the head" moments?

I do. A moment like this comes when someone explains something so clearly that it completely blows your present way of thinking out of the water.

Steffan Jones delivered an excellent session at Millfield School last week on fast bowling. His approach linked his extensive knowledge of physical training with technical principles underpinned by the 4 Tent Pegs, as well as Steffan's own experiences as a bowler and bowling coach.

Steff spoke about a load of things that I have heard and implemented over the years, yet there was one thing that knocked me for six.

Learning Is a Skill, so Teach It

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Sam Lavery is Cricket Professional at Portsmouth Grammar School, Director of Cricket for Burridge CC and Head of PitchVision Jobs.

How much do you help learners to be adaptable?

How to Coach More Spin into Spinners

Where does spin come from?

Ask any spinner or any coach this question and you can get a huge number of answers ranging from the pivot of the foot, through to the angle of the delivery stride.

This is largely to do with the open question. A better question is,

"which part of the body has the most significant role to play when generating spin?"

Here's what I think.

Here's an Alternative to the Same Old Catching Drills

This video is a free sample of the online coaching course - First Class Fielding - from Mark Garaway

Catching drills are vital, but they can get a bit dull after doing them every session for weeks at a time. In this video Mark Garaway makes it competitive and fun for some fielders, while also helping the coach review technique.

It's simple but astonishly effective: Check it out here:

Video: How to Throw Down the Stumps

This video is a free sample of the online coaching course - First Class Fielding - from Mark Garaway. Click here for details

There are few better sights in cricket than a fielder hitting the stumps and performing a perfect run out. Yet we can all do more to improve player's ability to hit the stumps. In this free video, Mark Garaway talks about a simple and effective way to hit more often.

For the rest of the course, a guide to coaching players to become top class cricket throwers and catchers, click here.

Richard Bailey on Practical Ways to Get Better at Cricket

Dr. Richard Bailey has written from a coaches view on helping players learn more quickly. Whether you coach or not, there are insights for becoming a better cricketer.

"According to some books for teachers, skill learning should take up to 3/4 of lesson time. As far as I can see, the only outcome of this approach is that learners switch off, and end up simply going through the motions. Effective practice activities should be relatively short, intense, and highly focused. They should also be immediately followed by an application in a meaningful game."

This article is refreshing is a land of dry theory because it gives several practical steps. It also opens up some ideas for discussion.

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