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Stop getting hung up on your technique and start scoring more runs

We’ve all been there: losing a bit of form and then getting hung up on technical issues like fretting about trigger movements. These worries can get right into your head, preventing you from batting with timing and fluency.

The good news is that cricket, despite its apparent complexity, is a simple game.

Take Justin Langer, Australia’s batting coach and former opener. 

He knows that even if his technique is solid, he must be focused on every delivery he receives. If he loses concentration and focus, he is more likely to make a mistake.

Adapting cricket drills: Improving skill under pressure

This article is part of a series designed to show you how to adapt cricket drills for your needs. To see the full list of articles in this series click here.

Every team has a net player. Perhaps it’s even you.

3 Things Mr Strong can teach you about cricket

“Mr Strong is the strongest person in the whole wide world.” - Roger Hargreaves

I’m not sure if children’s character Mr Strong ever played cricket, but if he did I’m betting he would be rather good at it.

Anyone who can throw a cannonball as far as you or I could throw a tennis ball has to be a useful bowler and fielder.

The podcast is back! Series 3 starting soon!

PitchVision Academy Cricket ShowSince we stopped doing the weekly PitchVision Academy podcast I’ve been constantly asked when it’s coming back.

The great news is that we are planning the new series right now and all the PitchVision audioheads can get their fix again very soon.

Overs under the belt: When is playing more important than practice?

In opposition to the traditionalist’s view of preparation, England’s bowlers prepare for the first Ashes Test of 2009-10 by skipping a warm up match.

Critics say that bowlers need competitive overs ‘under the belt’ rather than hours in the nets.

It’s a common quandary for those lower down the scale too.

How to improve your cricket concentration in 20 minutes a day

Sometimes you just have to practice alone.

There is no one around to train with but you are eager improve your skills. A bowler can go to a net with a box of balls and practice hitting a target. Batsmen are not as lucky because they need someone or something to feed a ball.

Free cricket test that makes nets more realistic

 We all know how important fitness is to cricket, but nets don’t realistically recreate the fitness you need to get a big score.

That’s where BATEX© (BATing EXercise) comes in.

Normal netting rarely tests batsmen's endurance. It doesn't accurately reflect the effects of fatigue on the batsman's skill levels. But BATEX does exactly that.

How to wind up your fast bowler

Fast bowlers are a temperamental lot, especially if it’s not ‘coming out right’.

 The same guy who last week was scaring batsmen and knocking over stumps with fury in his eyes has this week become a warm cuddly friend to the batsmen bowling gentle medium pace.

The Formula 1 guide to cricket match day preparation (part 2)

In part 1 we looked at the mental and nutritional parts of your match day. Today we get to the nuts and bolts of how to warm up, including the best drills for your needs.

Warming up: Preparing the body and mind together

The Formula 1 guide to cricket match day preparation (part 1)

Picture in your mind a Ferrari Formula 1 car: Strikingly red, super sleek and powerful.

When the Ferrari team arrive at a track for a race the car is ready to do its job of going round a track at breakneck speed. 90% of the work is done far away from race day.