Graham Gooch on Batting with Confidence

Confidence is slippery. You want it but how do you stop all those negative thoughts? In this video Graham Gooch shares his methods for breaking through doubt and walking to the crease with confidence:

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Quick Tip: How to Pace an Innings

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Last night my team lost a Twenty20 game by over 50 runs. The failure was down to a simple fact: We didn't know how to pace a run chase.

So, instead of starting slow and hoping to smash 79 runs in 48 balls like us, here's some simple ways to make sure you are keeping up with the rate.

Why You're Getting Out LBW

LBW always seems a bit unfair. You are sure it was sliding down the leg side, but when you look up the umpire's finger is slowly raising.

Your team mates console you by telling you it was a shocker and you can't get the umpires these days. Deep in your heart you wonder why it keeps happening to you more than anyone else. You know its not likely that a whole series of umpires have bad eyesight or are looking to get off the pitch early because it's getting late.

Maybe it's you.

Avoid the "Moeen Ali Pickle" and Learn How to Play Spin

The ball spinning into the stumps at pace has always picked up wickets at a faster rate than the ball spinning away from the bat at pace. Wickets fall quickly unless batting methods are developed and honed.

In the England-West Indies Barbados Test, the bowlers foot holes developed quickly and the contest between spin and bat ultimately proved to be the defining factor in the contest.

Moeen Ali was batting against Permaul, the West Indies Left arm spinner, in England's 2nd innings. And as I watched I remembered something my first coach at school had told me.

How to Pick Length

The relationship is simple: The better you pick length, the better you are as a batsman. It's, at least, one third of the art of batting.

Yet, as a coach, I see many players struggle to pick length well. They hit balls in practice all day long and look technically sound. Then they go out in the middle and get caught playing forward to a back of a length ball, and spooning a simple catch up in the air.

People say things like "he's stuck on the crease", "he falls over" and "he's too defensive". While all these comments may be true, they are not the root cause. The root cause is often not picking the ball in time to get into the right position.

Do you recognise these symptoms in yourself?

Here's my solution.

Improve Your Running Between the Wickets with Graham Gooch

When you bat, running between the wickets is one of the hardest cricket skills to develop. In this exclusive video for PitchVision Academy, Graham Gooch talks about the importance of working on awareness of when to run, and how to practice it in net situations.

How to Evolve Your Batting for the Modern Game

Gary Palmer is an experienced coach and head of CCM Academy. In this article he talks about the way to bat to give yourself the best chance of success.

Batting technique needs to evolve to be more successful in the current climate.

Batting Drill: Picking Length

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In this exclusive video, IPL Talent Scout and Academy coach, Monty Desai has a drill to help young players work on picking length without premeditating.

In the video you will see him work with a player who makes a small technical error, and then corrects it through some focused work.

You can view the video here:

More Runs with These Shot Selection Drills

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Before you can smash that half volley through the covers for a searing boundary, you need to pick up the half volley. That's shot selection in action and - as batsmen and coaches - we should never take it for granted.

But how do you train for shot selection?

Learning the technique of a shot is much easier. You are moving. You can get feedback. You can drill repeatedly until you get it right. But it's hard to come up with "drills" for a process that only goes on in your head: While you are identifying the line and length of the ball, and then choosing a shot, you are not doing anything with your body.

Fortunately, it's simple to integrate shot selection specific drills into your normal training. Here's some things you can do.

Here's The One Thing Every World Cup Batting Hero Does

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Gary Palmer is a former first-class cricketer and director of CCM Academy. For online batting coaching videos from Gary, click here.

The batters who were highly successful during the 2015 World Cup had one common trait. What can we take from this "best practice" into our own batting this coming season?

The most effective batsmen are good at hitting the ball down the ground. Although some players can hit the rope anywhere, this is one consistent area.

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