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Which is Best: Nets or One to One Training?

If you have cricket training options, which is best?

Work on Batting Plans Before Batting Technique

When you bat with a plan, you never have to worry about technique again.

Cricket Tips: Combining Video with A Bowling Machine Boosts Performance

We all know how good a bowling machine is for improving batting technique. But just using it to hit balls is not the best way. That's where a good review and PitchVision's PV/VIDEO comes in.

This video shows you how you can use video analysis for instant feedback on your bowling machine session. This allows you to tap into the proven power of deliberate practice and effective review.


Video: Cricket Net Drill to Improve Your Batting Average

Use this simple adaptation to a normal net to add pressure and realism and improve your batting average.

Use This "Lifeline" Batting Drill to Develop Skill Playing Fast Bowling

Adam Gilchrist called his cut shot his "lifeline" in Test Cricket. He claimed that without a good cut shot, it was very difficult to exert pressure on the worlds best fast bowlers.

I had these words echoing in my head when watching the 3rd South Africa vs England Test match.

Video Drill: More Realistic Cricket Nets with Two Point Batting Game

Cricket nets can easily become "just a hit" without any focus or improvement. Using this game from PitchVision, you can make them fun, competitive and useful when you play in a match.

Younis Khan's Simple Backlift Change That Gets More Runs

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This is a guest article from Waqas Zafar: video analyst, cricket enthusiast and computer scienctist based in Lahore. Read more of his work by clicking here.

One day, when I was watching Younis Khan bat against Adam Milne, I noticed something different in his batting.

Bat With a Clear Mind? Yes, But Not Too Clear

How much of batting is mental?

Case Study: Improve Battting Strike Rate During Winter Nets

How do you improve your strike rate during off season training?

That's the challenge set by another of our case study players. His goal was to become much stronger at rotating the strike in the winter so he could start the 2016 with the best chance of success.

Let's get into the details, drills, analysis and results.

Quick Tip: Have A Net Without A Net

Nets are great, but I am constantly searching for better ways to practice batting. Here's an idea to get you out of nets without needing full middle practice.

Pop up nets.