Use the "Just in Time" Trick to be a Focused, Confident and Disciplined Cricketer

Have you ever wondered why you can turn a slump in form into feeling on top of the world in one ball?

You know the feeling. You are batting terribly and feel like you will never middle another one. They you get a soft half volley and you nail it right out of the screws. It screams to the boundary and you are transformed. As the commentators often say, sometimes it just takes one good shot to feel good again.

Yet, nothing has changed. You are exactly the same person you were one ball before, with exactly the same skills.

How to Hit an Annoyingly Accurate Bowler off a Length

We have all been there; the nagging bowler who doesn't give you anything to hit, and just keeps plonking the ball on a length.

Time after time, while the runs dry up.

You fear being called too defensive, so you try hitting it and end up caught. Your game ruined.

What can you do?

It's simpler than you think, it just takes a little practice.

Better Batting Goes Beyond Technique

Coach and Minor Counties Cricketer, Chris Watling, shares his experiences with another article on using your mind to get you out of bad form and back to run scoring.

When you're in a bit of bad form it's easy to be negative.

I'm sure you know the feeling of being stunted by in your mindset as you approach your next innings: You start to analyse how you’re getting out. You think about your technique. You want to correct those errors.

Stop the mistakes. Stop getting out.

This approach is hurting your game.

How to Practice Using Your Feet to Spin

Iain Brunnschweiler, top coach, has a great tip for those wanted to get better against playing spin.

If you want to be effective against spinners, it's really important that you are confident enough to use your feet and get down the wicket. Most spin bowlers know if they are bowling at a player who is confident in their footwork and decision-making, their margin for error becomes very small indeed.

Video: Talent, Work and Cricket Lessons from Graham Gooch

Graham Gooch got a pair on Test debut but went on to be one of England's best batsmen. What lessons can you learn from his experiences?

In this video, Goochie tells us about his path to the top and what he did to harness his natural gifts into thousands of runs. If you are at all interested in batting, this is the video for you.

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Video: Graham Gooch on Big Scores and Effective Batting

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In this video Graham Gooch talks about the lessons we can all learn from some of his big scores when he played: His record 333 against India in 1990, and his favourite innings - 154 against the West Indies on a difficult wicket.

Watch the video to get tips and advice on producing innings of the same value to your team:

Graham Gooch on Batting with Confidence

Confidence is slippery. You want it but how do you stop all those negative thoughts? In this video Graham Gooch shares his methods for breaking through doubt and walking to the crease with confidence:

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Quick Tip: How to Pace an Innings

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Last night my team lost a Twenty20 game by over 50 runs. The failure was down to a simple fact: We didn't know how to pace a run chase.

So, instead of starting slow and hoping to smash 79 runs in 48 balls like us, here's some simple ways to make sure you are keeping up with the rate.

Why You're Getting Out LBW

LBW always seems a bit unfair. You are sure it was sliding down the leg side, but when you look up the umpire's finger is slowly raising.

Your team mates console you by telling you it was a shocker and you can't get the umpires these days. Deep in your heart you wonder why it keeps happening to you more than anyone else. You know its not likely that a whole series of umpires have bad eyesight or are looking to get off the pitch early because it's getting late.

Maybe it's you.

Avoid the "Moeen Ali Pickle" and Learn How to Play Spin

The ball spinning into the stumps at pace has always picked up wickets at a faster rate than the ball spinning away from the bat at pace. Wickets fall quickly unless batting methods are developed and honed.

In the England-West Indies Barbados Test, the bowlers foot holes developed quickly and the contest between spin and bat ultimately proved to be the defining factor in the contest.

Moeen Ali was batting against Permaul, the West Indies Left arm spinner, in England's 2nd innings. And as I watched I remembered something my first coach at school had told me.

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