The new facts of club cricket in a Twenty20 world

The IPL is here. Cricket is big money. It's a new world and it’s time we as club cricketers responded to the challenge.

Modern cricket is built on excitement: Power, speed, athleticism and light speed tactical thinking. The whole game is changing thanks to the 20 over format.

Whatever length game you play it's time to consider some new ways of playing.

An introduction to playing better cricket


After several hundred posts I thought it was time you got an introduction. Or, more specifically; Some of the ideas and people behind the practical tips on this site that make you a better player. If you understand these pillars, you understand the system I use and that's essential to your success.

How to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat

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How to win more evening cricket matches

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It's quite something to think that club cricketers have been playing the shortest version of the game since the first after work matches in the 1920s.

And the IPL thought Twenty20 was a new idea.

Generations of club players have grown up in the format that takes a couple of hours. In recent times the top players have shown the club game how it is done. What can we learn from them, and what should be cast aside when trying to win our local competitions?

How to make sure your club cricket team has a Shane Warne or Glen McGrath

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Has your side ever badly needed a wicket to win turn a game back your way?

For many years Warne and McGrath the 'turn to' men for Australia. In times of trouble all Ricky Ponting had to do was toss the ball to one of them and let chaos ensue. Between them they took over 2000 International wickets.

Why everyone wants to bat in the middle order (and what to do about it)

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I don't know what it's like at your club, but where I play almost everyone thinks they are best suited to batting between 5 and 8.

But someone has to face the new ball and someone has to bat at 11 (which they will strongly disagree with even if they don't say anything).

35 Ways to improve your cricket during the season

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Back in the mists of ancient history (the 1980's) the Soviets were kings of sport. Their state funded athletes became a huge experiment in maximising performance.

This included the development of periodisation: the planning system that most sports follow to this day, cricket included.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure

Cricket is a statisticians dream. Every aspect of a cricketer's performance is measured by statistics. The great players are often separated from the good players based on statistics.

For those that did not get a chance to witness the great Don Bradman bat, the only way they know he was perhaps the best batsman that ever lived was in is amazing batting average of 99.94.

5 ways Ferris Bueller can improve your cricket

Ferris Bueller, as you already know, was the coolest kid in school. Who doesn't want to be a bit like Ferris?

Ferris would have been a great cricketer, had he not been busy being a 1980's fictional Amercian High school kid. Here's why.

Ferris uses bluff to his advantage

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