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How to use the PitchVision Academy archives

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I have had a couple of questions recently on how to access the information contained in the PitchVision Academy archives. I thought I would clarify by giving you this simple guide.

The site is spilt into two:

  • freely available content.
  • premium online coaching course and ebooks.

There are several ways you can check out either or both, depending on how you want to find things.

1. Categories

Every article is split into one or more categories. If you want a list of all the articles sorted by category then simply click the link below to search.

You can also find these links on every PitchVision Academy page on the sidebar to the right.

2. Complete Guides

I have also sorted the main articles into several "complete guides". The name is a bit deceptive as I am adding to these guides as time goes on. However, I have made sure all the vital content is contained in the guides.

You can find the guides contents here:

3. Online Coaching Courses
PitchVision Academy has a section that allows you to go into much greater detail on any subject. The course are taught by some of the world's finest. You can check out these courses by category here:
4. Search

If you are looking for something in particular you can use the search box in the sidebar on the right hand side. This box will do a Google search on just the miCricketCoach pages so you can find something specific.

5. By date

All the miCricketCoach articles appear in published date order, newest first. This means that if you know the approximate date of the article you can go back and find it. I have to admit that it's not a very fast or efficient way of finding what you want.

6. By contacting me

I have written or edited everything so far on miCricketCoach. If you can't find an article on a particular topic, or you have a specific question you can contact me. If I have not got any content for you right away you may find I make something especially for you.

7. Make your own archive

There are several ways you can make your own reference library of miCricketCoach content too. I use StumbleUpon and Delicious to save and share pages I like from other sites. I also use Google Reader to store information from blogs and podcasts for my own reference. Plain old bookmarking of pages you like is also an option.

Hopefully that is all the options you need. If you have feedback on how to make things easier to find please drop me a line.

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Many links from some of the pages don't work. They bring you back to the home-page. What to I do to get to them?

Can you post the broken link pages to ther forum here please: I'll go through and update the pages.

how to do back foot pre turn in fast we have to pre turn or it turns automatically by front foot force

m not getting how to do this drill pre turn