Cricket Show S6 Episode 15: Overcoming the Fear

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We all have a had a fear of the ball at some stage, yet it's rarely discussed. So on the show Sam Lavery Mark Garaway and David Hinchliffe get into the hidden fears.

Plus there are questions about trigger moves and back foot play, and how to judge the difference between doing work that you like and doing drills that challenge you out of your comfort zone. It's a delicate balance but the team have the answers.

Listen in to find out.

How to Use Matches to Inspire Awesome Cricket Solutions

It's been an exceptional start.

Millfield School started the cricket season this week with two unbeaten Festival wins in the Under 15's and Meyers XI (U18's). We have seen lots of evidence of the winter work paying dividends. A number of players have hit personal best scores or wicket hauls.

However, the rigours of match play exposed a couple of glaring holes in the U15s bowling attack from both a mental and tactical perspective. This forced Steve Wilson (Assistant Coach) and me to think on our feet.

In the first game of the festival, our bowling attack conceded 22 wides in only 50 overs.

Keep a Training Log to Improve Your Cricket

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We often say cricket is a mental game.

We often say measured training breeds success.

One perfect tool to handle these things is a training log.

The problem is, most of us don't think of logging things in cricket. We turn up, train, play and repeat. Of course, this is an effective way to improve, but is it really the best way?

Batting Drill: Picking Length

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In this exclusive video, IPL Talent Scout and Academy coach, Monty Desai has a drill to help young players work on picking length without premeditating.

In the video you will see him work with a player who makes a small technical error, and then corrects it through some focused work.

You can view the video here:

Video Coaching from One of England's All Time Wicket Takers

PitchVision Academy are delighted to announce JIMMY613, the video-based coaching guide from English swing bowling hero, Jimmy Anderson.

Click here for full details.

In the online course, you'll find the most comprehensive guide to fast bowling available.

We are delighted that Jimmy has chosen to let PitchVision see how he has become such a high class and long lasting bowler. Now you can join the ride.

Cricket Show 305: Competition Winner

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This week's winner of the Cricket Show podcast question competition is Curt. He wins a free coaching course from PitchVision Academy.

The winning question was,

Cricket Mental Training: The Complete Guide

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Mental preparation is often overlooked in cricket. We all say how important it is, then go back to the nets for another hit. But it's simple to improve your mental game without ever having to see a shrink. You simply need to be aware of how to do it.

PV/VIDEO Weekly Highlights: Outstanding Work

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Welcome to the PV/VIDEO Digest, your highlights summary of the weeks best videos from PitchVision Interactive

You can share these videos by email or onto facebook, and post your comments right here: From serious analysis to Friday fun. Here are the top videos uploaded from PitchVision systems around the world this week.

Cricket Show S6 Episode 14: Approach the Coach

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How do you approach a coach if you want to get help with your game?

That's the question David Hinchliffe, Sam Lavery and Mark Garaway tackle on the show. It's tough for both the player and the coach and there is no easy answer, but there are ways to get heard and you can listen to the discussion to find out.

Plus there is combative question about tennis vs. cricket, and a player with a frustration we have all face; how do you practice to perfection?

Listen to the show for the details.

Quick Tip: Train for Bad Times

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One easy habit at nets is training for when things are going well. You imagine you are on target with bat or ball.

But cricket doesn't work like that: Teams collapse with the bat and find it impossible to break a partnership with the ball. So, we need to train for those times where it's all going wrong.

It's easy to do. Simply put yourself into a "distaster scenario", either as middle practice or in nets.

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