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Cricket Show S8 Episode 23: Salted Caramel

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David Hinchliffe with Sam Lavery and Mark Garaway, on cricket. The show covers umpiring with ice-cream, school cricket thoughts and dealing with fear of failure when bowling spin.

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Use the Nobel Exercise to Improve Cricket Reviews

It’s report writing time of year, before the pupils at Millfield School depart for cricket fields all over the country for nine weeks of runs, wickets, catches and stumpings.

Whilst the report writing process can be a little laborious at times, we have decided to use it as a self-awareness builder for the cricketing pupils.

Setting Up Group Practice for Cricket

Sam Lavery talks us through some ways to keep nets running when you have a big group of players to keep busy and develop skills.

How to Teach Beginner Cricketers to Play Straight

Picture the scene, you are coaching a group of keen 9-11 year old players.

You tell a 10 year old to drive, and you ask him to demonstrate the shot. He shadows it perfectly. Excellent.

You do some drills with a tennis ball and, with a little effort, he hits it back straight. Now we are talking!

You finish the session with a soft ball game: He swipes at the first half volley and tries to put it over square leg.


Coaching View: Have Pakistan Proved You Don't Need Structure to Win at Cricket?

Pakistan won the Champions Trophy. They did it, in the words of one supporter, with "no home cricket, no money, no structure. No problem!"

Vic Williams: Coach of the Month

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After decades in the game, coach Vic Williams has been recognised by the Coach of the Year panel. He is the latest coach of the month.

The panel are constantly hunting for coaches who are doing great work under the radar. Vic is exactly that type of coach. Well-known in the Queensland, Australia coaching setup for his skills, he is not a household name around the world. Yet he has been tireless in his efforts.

Cricket Show S8 Episode 22: Too Many Drops

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Sam Lavery is with Mark Garaway and David Hinchliffe. The chat is about short seasons, dropping catches and one day jobs for spinners and seamers.

The Madonna Batting Drill

I’m a music fan and it’s great to work in a student environment as the pupils keep me up to date with the latest tunes when we have music bouncing around the cricket bubble.

Challenge Your Batting with This Snapback Drill

How easy is it to "just bat" in nets, and not be as engaged as you would in a game?

Mark Boucher: South Africa Coach of the Year

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