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As you may have noticed, we are posting a lot more video tips recently. The idea is to help you more clearly understanding the coaching advice, as well as get an insight into the PitchVision technology that is the cornerstone of coaching. Take some time to go over the videos section and enjoy what we have done. And, if you have any questions that you want answered in a video, please drop us a line.

There is also daily advice through our normal articles and podcasts, with a huge archive stretching back to 2006 for you to find answers on any cricket coaching or playing topic. And if you still can't find what you want? Then the team are a friendly bunch. Drop us a line for a chat about cricket any time. Welcome to the community.

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Look the Part: How Your Image Makes You a Better Cricketer

Here's an inconvenient truth: Your image is important to your cricket.

Naturally, results always come first. It doesn't matter what you look like if you are scoring hundreds then bowling out the opposition top six before catching the rest at slip. But if want a chance, you absolutely have to "look and act the part".

Cricket Show 337: Competition Winner

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This week's winner of the Cricket Show podcast question competition is Ravi. He wins a free coaching course from PitchVision Academy.

The winning question was,

4 Reasons You Should be Ashamed of Coaching Without Data

You write brilliant coaching plans. The players you coach are engaged and enjoy your sessions. Parents couldn’t be happier with you.

So what?

The coaching world is shifting towards real evidence. Being a great people-person is no longer enough for the coach who wants to develop players to their highest potential.

How to Set Up a New Venue in PitchVision

This is a quick guide to setting up PitchVision at a new venue. The first time you use PitchVision at a new place, you need to tell it where it is. This vital step is simple and easy.

Cricket Show S6 Episode 45: Goodbye Mitch

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PitchVision Academy - PitchVision Academy Cricket Show 337.mp3
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Mark Garaway, Sam Lavery and David Hinchliffe offer up a tribute to Mitchell Johnson, and some lessons from his career that young bowlers can take to heart if they want to bowl faster.

Then, attention turns to questions of keeping fit when you can't be bothered with the gym, and some innovative ideas for wicketkeepers to get an advantage. There is more audio cricket goodness than you can handle!

Download and listen now.

How to Measure Fielding Effectiveness in Training

In a game that is full of stats, we are still searching for a way of assessing and measuring fielding effectiveness.

How to Bowl with a Slingy Action

Ever since Jeff Thompson showed the power of a ‘slingy’ bowling action, there has been no debate that it is a devastating method for fast bowlers. Yet coaches worldwide persist with the traditional action. This is because coaches are not taught how to put sling into an action.

How to Bowl Faster... as a Spinner

Let's talk about a dirty little secret of spin: Pace matters. As a spinner you don't have any need to get the ball up the other end as fast as you can. You leave that to the real quick bowlers. But you also know there is a speed that is right for spin.

CRICKET JOBS: Junior Head Coach - Swindon CC (UK) *PREMIUM ADVERT*

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Closing date: 7th December 2015

Organisation – Swindon Cricket Club, Wiltshire                                                 

Salary - Negotiable

Fixed Term (Part time)

Job Description; Swindon Cricket Club is seeking the services of a Junior Head Coach for the 2016 season.

CRICKET JOBS: Senior Head Coach - Swindon CC (UK) *PREMIUM ADVERT*

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Closing date: 7th December 2015

Salary - Negotiable

Fixed Term (Part time)

Swindon Cricket Club is seeking the services of a Senior Head Coach for the 2016 season.