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Fielding Warm Up Drill to Improve Throwing at the Stumps

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Use this pre-game warm up fielding drill. It will help you hone your skills and picking up, throwing and hitting the stumps. Great for the whole team to take part on match day.

Improve Your Diving in the Field... Even As A Six Foot Fast Bowler

One of the big coaching challenges is developing the athleticism of fast bowlers.

Video: Take More Catches with This Simple Cricket Practice Upgrade

They say practice makes perfect, so use this upgrade to cricket catching practice to see how you improve over time.

Cricket Show S7 Episode 15: Keep the Ball Shiny

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PitchVision Academy - PitchVision Academy Cricket Show 357.mp3
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Mark Garaway, Sam Lavery and David Hinchliffe get together to talk coaching cricket. Lead by a Twitter debate, the team talk about how to keep a ball shiny, and lead on to a wider discussion about what do do when teammates disagree about the best way to do anything.

The it's on to listener's questions. The first asks about bowling technique and the second kicks off a chat about some unusual field placings the team has seen over the years.

Listen in for the details.

Hit Under the Eyes: Upgrade Your Batting Coaching Advice

One early season challenge is the adaptation from indoor surfaces to slow and two paced grass pitches.

How to Bounce Back from Cricket Injuries

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So, you just got injured?

There is nothing worse that seeing your team mates playing, going through immense highs and tough lows together, while you are not able to help them. This causes lack of motivation and even hate towards the game. Can you deal with the mental side of a physical injury?

Can You Banish These Bad Cricket Habits?

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We are all guilty of the odd discretion from time to time, yet we all want to improve as cricketers. So let's work together to banish the poor habits and replace them with efficient and effective ones instead.


If you are any good, your career might just depend on it.

Do You Know Where to Look When Slip Fielding? Science Has the Answer

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A recent study as revealed the answer to an age-old question; the best place for slip fielders to look when waiting for a catch.

Cricket Show S7 Episode 14: Practice Under Pressure

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PitchVision Academy - PitchVision Academy Cricket Show 356.mp3
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Sam Lavery and Mark Garaway join David Hinchliffe for cricket coaching chat. On the 356th edition of the podcast, there is a discussion about adding pressure to practice. How do you do it while still getting a fair go?

Plus, there are questions about helping an all-rounder quickly fix a bowling issue with a limited time, and helping a leg spinner understand the benefits of the "bowling arm circle".

Listen in for the details.

How to Coach Your Batting Tail to Wag

I love working with lower order players. To me they are still ‘run getters’ and ‘partnership builders’ irrespective of their less extensive batting experience and limited practice hours.