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CRICKET JOBS: Strategy and Planning Analyst - Cricket Australia

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Closing date: 29th September 2014

Title: Strategy & Planning Analyst

Function: Strategy

Location: Melbourne

Employment Type: Full-Time

CRICKET JOBS: Organisational Capability Manager - NZ Cricket

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Closing date: 26th September 2014

Organisational Capability Manager

Permanent position based in Christchurch   

Cricket is New Zealand’s premier summer sport with 150,000 people currently playing the game, making it one of the most widely played sports in the country.  

CRICKET JOBS: Cricket Sales Account Exec - Ageas Bowl (UK)

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Closing date: 30th September 2014


1. To manage the day to day relationship between The Ageas Bowl and a 

range of important clients, including but not limited to; sponsors, partners, 

advertisers and suppliers.

2. To generate new business through the sale of sponsorship, advertising and 

other commercial opportunities

Cricket Show S5 Episode 34: The High Risk Edition

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PitchVision Academy - PitchVision Academy Cricket Show 277.mp3
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Mark Garaway is a busy man. So busy, they only way we could get him on this week's show was to call him up while driving between appointments. With his phone on 9% battery and shooting along at precisely 70mph, will we make it to the end of the show with him?

David Hinchliffe and Sam Lavery shore things up in the studio as we talk about the use and misuse of stats in cricket, bowling googlies and how to find your perfect setup.

PV/VIDEO Weekly Highlights: Hook And Duck

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Welcome to the PV/VIDEO Digest, your highlights summary of the weeks best videos from PitchVision Interactive

You can share these videos by email or onto facebook, and post your comments right here: From serious analysis to Friday fun. Here are the top videos uploaded from PitchVision systems around the world this week.

What Grass-Roots Cricket Coaches Can do to Save Test Cricket

How, as coaches, do we keep promoting the virtues of the ultimate format, Test cricket?

ODI and T20 cricket are both brilliant formats that have helped to develop broader interest levels in cricket across the globe whilst opening our eyes to advancements in fielding techniques, batting options and athleticism.

Test match cricket is a very different game to watch now because of the shorter formats and that's a good thing.

However, the challenge for me is to keep India interested in playing longer format cricket. The dominant Indian performances in the ODI series against England are a stark contrast to the pitiful 3 day capitulations that we saw at the back end of the Test matches.

This has nothing to do with ability, as the Indians have excellent players within their Test Team. To me it comes down to the attitude that the BCCI and has towards Tests. This rubs off on the player development system and, most importantly, upon the players.

We all know that if India lose interest in Test Match cricket, then the format will start a rapid slide into extinction.

So what's the solution?

Quick Tip: Read This if You Need A Kick in the Behind

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Jim Wendler, professional badass, has some advice for you:

"I don't care when or how you get this done, and I don't care whether it happens on your off days or not. Do it when you have time. Make time for it. Just get it done. Nobody ever got strong or got in shape by thinking about it. They did it."

How to Bowl Perfect Line and Length

Let me ask you something; how much better a bowler would you be if you could hit a perfect line and length?

It's a challenge that takes a lifetime to master, and a road that is littered with distractions. Yet the simplicity is appealing: Put the ball on the spot, hit the seam again and again and watch the wickets tumble.

You don't need to be quick. You don't need to rip it square. You don't need to swing it round corners or even have a clever mystery variation. Those things are nice, but accuracy... accuracy is within reaching distance.

It's so tantalisingly close that you can almost taste the success it will bring.

Old Fashioned Batting Tips for Modern Run Makers

Are you confused by the explosion of batting methods in recent times? You should be.

Batsmen are expected to contribute more runs in less time from 1-11 these days. You can thank Twenty20. As a result there are more outrageous shots played with more confidence than ever before. I saw a club game not long ago where the number 9 played a scoop shot several times! Yes, these days it's all about finding your own method.

But don't panic.

Cricket Show 276: Competition Winner

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This week's winner of the Cricket Show podcast question competition is Neerav. He wins a free coaching course from PitchVision Academy.

The winning question was:

"I am a right handed opening batsman. I find it tough in picking the line and length of a ball early when facing short length balls. Also can you please give me some tips on playing the leg glance and the flick shot?"

Listen to the panels answer to his question here.

To enter your own question for the chance to win your choice of online coaching course send your questions in here.

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