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Two Top Spin Bowling Tips to get Your Spinners Closer to 981 First Class Wickets

The pupils at Millfield are lucky as we have fantastic guest coaches pop in.

How to Be a Gun Fielder

Diving saves, run outs, brilliant catches: A top fielder changes cricket matches.

Specialist fielding: Slips

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In the slips you are at the sharpest end of the game.

Catch the nicks that come and the bowlers will love you forever. Put even the hardest chance down and be prepared for long stares from everyone in the side: There is no hiding place and no respite.

Even when nothing has come to you all day.

Cricket Show S8 Episode 45: Ashes Fever

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Mark Garaway is with Sam Lavery and David Hinchliffe to talk Ashes and other cricket. The team talk about drills (and the dangers of them), bowling straight and changing from T20 to 50 over formats.

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Listen for the details.

Cut Through Cricket Pea Soup with Intention Based Games

Last week, we used constraints based practice to develop batting skills. It’s one of the tactics that I have used in a back foot phase.

Use This One Simple Trick to Treat Yourself to More Runs

What you say to yourself when you bat is vital to your run scoring.

Tactics You Should be Using: Left-Right Hand Opening Batsmen

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There was once a time in cricket it was considered such an advantage to bat left handed that it was almost outlawed.

Remember the Difference Between Winning and Succeeding

We sat in desperate silence in the changing room.

Cricket Show S8 Episode 44: A Late Arrival

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PitchVision Academy - PitchVision Academy Cricket Show 435.mp3
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Sam Lavery chats to David Hinchliffe with a last minute drop in from Mark Garaway. There are chats about dealing with adversity as a coach, choosing bats and batsman-wicketkeepers.

Off Side Back Foot Batting Practice

It’s really cold outside so we are confined to the cricket bubble for the winter. We have reached the stage of the batting programme where we are developing our back foot options vs pace.