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How to Make the Most of Bowling at Club Nets

At training it’s easy to “just bowl” for long periods. This is useful for batsmen, but not good for you as a bowler.

More Sixes Are Raining Down Than Ever: Here's How to Join the Cricket Revolution

Since Twenty20 began, the rate of six hitting has risen by 20%.The trend for power hitting in unmistakable.

How do you get in on this rope clearing action?

PitchVision Coach of the Year Awards: Praveen Hinganikar is Coach of the Month

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Can You Grow a Will to Win in Your Cricket Team?

I’m sure you have heard the phrase “wanted it more”.

It pops up in cricket post-match interviews when a result is unexpected. Ireland beating Pakistan in 2007 is one example.

Is it a meaningless cliché or truth?

Cricket Show S8 Episode 11: Balanced and Open Face Batting

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Mark Garaway, Sam Lavery and David Hinchliffe help players improve their cricket.

The show team answer questions about balance while batting and opening the face of the bat when driving.

Listen for the details.

Who Is the Invisible Genius of Your Cricket Team?

It’s holiday time in the Garaway household. We are now on our annual “coaching holiday”.

I indulge myself in reading books on my kindle whilst listening to the sea lap up against the shore in St Lucia.

Tough life!

Goal Setting Improves Your Cricket: Here's How

You wouldn’t go on a journey to a new place without a map. So, don’t go on your cricket journey without goals.

Lost Your Cricket Match? Act Like a Warrior in Defeat

Losing a cricket match is hard to take. You feel sick, angry and disappointed.

Play the Forward Defence to Improve Batting Strike Rate

We are all well drilled in playing the forward defence, playing it to prevent the bowler from taking a wicket. In fact, it's a lot more useful than that.

Playing defensively spans everything from "none shall pass" drop to the feet, through to a defensive push that is designed to score runs. It's a shot with nuance that requires skill and practice to get right. ANd if you do it will increase your strike rate!

So, it's time to give the forward defence the time and respect it deserves and learn to play with both soft and hard hards to make more of those balls you can't smash.

Cricket Show S8 Episode 11: Resilient Cricket

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Mark Garaway and David Hinchliffe talk cricket from club and school to Test and ODI.

The topics on the table this week are adapting to different conditions, building resilience into your game, setting goals for the season and becoming an analyst.

Listen for the details.