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Remove the Queue from High Catching Drills

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One of the most frustrating things in coaching is a line of cricketers standing in a queue waiting for their turn.

While watching other people play sport from the close vantage point of a queue can be fun, getting involved is much more productive and it also seems like a pretty good way to improve.

While a few areas of cricket have developed in this regard, one area that continues to see the queues build up is fielding practice. Not necessarily ground fielding, as there a lots of different fielding circuits that recycle the ball and can work without a coach at times.

PV Global Coach of the Year is Praveen Hinganikar

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Cricket Show S8 Episode 17: Torpedo Thompson

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PitchVision Academy - PitchVision Academy Cricket Show 408.mp3
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Mark Garaway, Sam Lavery and David Hinchliffe talk about batting, bowling and fielding. The team answer questions about red hot drives, bat speed and nets without nets.

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Listen for the details.

How the Jackson 5 Can Change Batting

Remember Josh, the little fella from last week who was working on hitting the ball harder with more control using a shallow rather than steep batswing?

How to Stop Being Just a Good Net Batsman and Start Being a Good Actual Batsman

Every team has a net player: The one with all the shots in practice and zero confidence in games. Can you prevent this?

Cricket South Africa PitchVision Coach of the Year Awards Nominees

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How to Keep Rolling After a Big Cricket Win

On Saturday the team I coach won their game by 307 runs. Where do we go from here?

CSA Coach of the Year Award: May 13th

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Train Your Mind for Cricket with the 4C Method

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Most of us know what do do with a technical issue: Get in the nets and fix it. We also know that to get fit you train with cricket specific fitness work. But what if you want to improve the mental side of your game?

Cricket Show S8 Episode 16: Watch the Ball Hard

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PitchVision Academy - PitchVision Academy Cricket Show 407.mp3.mp3
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Mark Garaway and David Hinchliffe talk cricket coaching. There is chat about in-season training followed by listener's questions on watching the ball from the bowler's hand and changing your fast bowling action.

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Listen for the details.